Zytenz 2 Reviews


Grade: F (Severe Risk) Zytenz claims to flush away performance anxiety, make you feel confident again, and give you longer, more intense sex than you would have without this product….

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Xantho 5X Reviews

Xantho 5X

Male enhancement pills come in a few different categories. There are pills that help you get an erection. There are pills (and creams) that prevent you from ejaculating prematurely. And…

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Xantrin Reviews


Grade: D (Moderate Risk) Xantrin is a male enhancement cream that claims to increase serotonin levels and libido. Our study focused on both the effectiveness of Xantrin and the benefit…

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Wydenz Reviews


Grade: C (Moderate Risk) Wydenz is a natural male enhancement product that promises to increase both penis length and circumference. Our study on Wyden focused on answering three questions about…

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Vir Max Reviews


Grade: D- Virmax claims to be a clinically developed, once-a-day formula for men designed to be an effective and efficient male enhancement product. Unfortunately, after thousands of reports of ineffectiveness…

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Vigorexin Reviews


Grade: D- Vigorexin claims to increase the size of the penis, both length and girth, as well as the sex-drive of every man who regularly takes the product. In addition,…

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Vydexafil Reviews


Grade: D Vydexafil claims to make your penis longer and thicker, increase sexual desire, have sex longer, and give you harder erections, all with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, customers…

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Vitrix Reviews


Grade: F (Severe Risk) Vitrix is a natural male enhancement product that claims to elevate testosterone levels. Lowered testosterone levels used to be considered an inevitable part of the aging…

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Vital Erotic Reviews

Vital Erotic

Grade: F (Severe Risk) Vital Erotic is a sexual enhancement product for both men and women. We were unable to test this product due to safety concerns. Vital Erotic is…

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Viagro Reviews


Grade: F (Severe Risk) Viagro is a generic form of the popular male enhancement pill called Viagra. Millions of men suffer from having a condition called erectile dysfunction. Sexual performance…

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