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Online Dating Faux Pas

by healthymensinfo

Dating online is the norm; so much so, it’s more surprising when you hear your friend met his latest girl IRL or “in real life”. You may think that you are doing all the right things, but there are some mistakes that you are almost definitely making that are holding you back from fully taking advantage of this growing trend. Here are all the things you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

Don’t lie about your height

Ok…this is probably the most common mistake. You may think that saying you’re five foot nine when you’re really five foot seven doesn’t matter. If anything it’ll get me more dates, right? Well yeah, you might get the date, but it’s gonna be awkward because you’re a big fat liar. Women actually read your profile and will proceed to tell their friends about it leading up to the date, including how tall you are! She will not text you back, I guarantee it.

Your pictures are boring

Your pictures should be an example of your everyday life. Pick your most exciting photos. You can throw one in there that just makes you look really good. A high resolution black and white pic is always a safe bet. Make your life seem cool.

Your profile is too detailed

Putting too much information on your profile looks a little try hard. Keep it short and sweet. Instead of listing 10 of your favorite movies. Pick your favorite genre or actor. You don’t want to lay everything out. It’s good to be a little mysterious.

You send her a manifesto

You find a girl you like and send her a long winded manifesto on why you want to date her. You throw in all the things you think you have in common, where you would take her on the first date, where your wedding will be; on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Slow down there bud. This is the definition of try hard. You want your message to be pure fun. This is key. Treat it like no big deal. Lots of excitement and laughs. A good example would be “Hey! My name is Blank. This online dating stuff is so cool isn’t it? I’m loving it!”. Notice how there’s no pushiness, no questions?. You’re just offering pure positive vibes.

You don’t talk on the phone before hand

You can weed out people way quicker if you talk to them on the phone before taking them on a date. Think of all the time and money you will save. If you end up deciding to take her out cause she seems cool, it will be more like friends meeting up than complete and total strangers. Ask her in your message “I like to talk to people on the phone before meeting up. Just a five minute convo to get us familiar with each other. Are you down for that? She will obviously agree.

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