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Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9 Review – How is it? 

Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9 Review – How is it?

There are products out there that are supposed to help with libido, there are products that are supposed to help with sex-drive, and then there are products out there that are supposed to provide increases to pretty much every area of your sexual health.

Growth Factor-9 is one of those products. By providing an increase in serum levels by a claimed 682%, you should see a dramatic increase in libido, sex-drive, sexual energy, sexual performance, and erection quality.

Unfortunately, while we did see some results after using this product for a 5-week testing period, we didn’t notice overly incredibly results. We saw a definite increase in sexual health, but at $100 per bottle, it would be a tough pill to swallow every month for just a slight improvement.


Growth Factor-9 is a product that goes to work fairly quickly. After just 45 minutes to an hour, you’ll see the ingredients start to go to work, providing some relief in regard to erectile dysfunction and other sexual health ailments.

Perhaps the best thing you’ll notice is an increase in sex-drive. It wasn’t a strong increase, but it was enough to feel like having sex much more than before taking it.

If you plan on taking this product, take it in the morning after eating something small, or you could take it toward the night time after a small meal. You should see maximum benefits after 4 weeks.


The price of this product is way up there. For $100, not including tax or shipping, you can get a one-month supply of this product. You get 120 capsules, but the serving sizes make that seem like a small amount. You take 4 pills at a time, so you run out quickly.

Most products of this nature are in the $40-50 range, so this will cost you quite a bit more than average.


The ingredients in Growth Factor-9 are pretty solid. They should definitely give you a boost to your sexual health, but not enough to recommend this product as a daily use product.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Serovital
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Lysine
  • N-acetyl L-Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Oxo-Proline
  • Schizonepeta Powder


If you plan on using this as your regular sexual health supplement, we’d have to recommend against that. While you certainly will see some benefits to using this product every day, they’re not enough to warrant spending $100 per bottle.

What We Recommend

We recommend a product called Formula 41 Extreme if you’re looking for serious increases in sexual health, such as libido, sex-drive, sexual energy, sexual performance, and erection quality.

99% of men who have used Formula 41 Extreme have noticed significant and permanent increases in sexual health after just 4-6 weeks.



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