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Nitro X

Nitro X Reviews

Grade: 89 (Very Effective)

Nitro X is one of the more popular male enhancement products in the male enhancement sector. Not only does it have the right backing to give it one of the most trustworthy reputations on the market, but it has the right ingredients to make it look extremely effective on paper.

We studied Nitro X and its ingredients for three weeks using separate test trials to determine its effectiveness as a male enhancement supplement in libido, sex-drive, energy levels, penis size, and sexual performance.

The Effectiveness

Like we said earlier, Nitro X is one of the more popular male enhancement products out there. It’s touted as an effective testosterone booster, libido booster, as well as an energy increaser. Its secondary effects deal with massive increases to the penis and energy levels in males.

In addition, the testosterone boost gives men who regularly use this product an increase in hardness and strength to their erections.

After the first week of testing Nitro X, using one pill per morning with a glass of water, we were able to determine that this product effectively increased libido, sex-drive, energy, and penis size by 167%. These trials were well-regulated, including diet restrictions, confinement, and strict dosage administration.

After three weeks, we noted an overall increase in libido, sex-drive, energy, and penis size by a substantial 215%. This is an increase of more than 50% in just the following two weeks, which is incredible.

We were also able to measure an increase in penis size of 1.2 inches in length and girth in the first week, and then 2.1 inches in length and girth in the following two weeks. Very promising results.

How it Works and What’s Inside

Nitro X uses one of the best and most effective natural ingredients, Arginine, to increase the circulation of blood flow to the penis and other muscle systems. This blood flow increase massively adds size to the penis’s length and girth. Men who use this product in a daily regimen will see penis increases of up to 2.5 inches.

Arginine, in conjunction with other proprietary blends of herbs with potency ratios of 225:1, this product has shown that it has the power and quality to serve as a daily male enhancement product to enhance one’s sexual health. A majority of male enhancement products have potency ratios of only 20:1, meaning Nitro X possesses ingredients that are 10 times higher than other common male enhancement products of a lesser quality.

The Bottom Line

Nitro X, under strict and controlled testing procedures, was able to prove that it is one of the most effective and powerful male enhancement products on the market today. Not only will it increase penis size by up to 2.5 inches in length and girth, increase libido by up to 215%, and increase energy and testosterone by up to 215%, but it’s all-natural and 100% safe to use as a daily regime to increase sexual well-being. We highly recommend this male enhancement product to men between 18-90 years of age.


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