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Nitro Genix 365 Muscle Building Supplement Review

We have all heard the hype about muscle building supplements. Yeah anyone who takes this magic combination of ingredients will automatically start increasing muscle size and Hugh Jackman will start only being offered roles in musicals again instead of roles requiring x-men sized muscles.We’ve also tested out countless muscle building supplements and the disappointing results led us to joke that you’d know the fabled “magic” muscle building supplement had actually been formulated when wolverines sang and danced. That was the overall vibe here towards the mixed results from testing the various muscle building products. Some supplements did produce moderate results but never any supplements that produced significant results in over 70% of the test groups. Well, let’s just say now that our attitude towards muscle building supplements has changed. We tested Nitro Genix 365 and saw the wolverine return back to his song and dance.

Nitro Genix 365 is a muscle building supplement that guarantees increased muscle strength and size by increasing blood flow and nitric oxide levels. Sounds simple. Your average product that produces some gains in a few participants and overall rather harmless despite the lousy overall results experienced. UNTIL you see first hand the massive results experienced in 94.9% of the tests groups taking NITRO GENIC 365.

How could this be? Thankfully science and our hardworking laboratory workers and researchers who assist every step of the way in our tests found the “magic” component in Nitro Genix 365’s formula. The “magic”? Well, sadly there is no “magic” unless you consider Hugh Jackman’s new role in Peter Pan to be a “magical” development. Nitro Genix 365 is a pure high-quality combination of scientific research and ingredients.

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How does Nitro Genix 365 work?

nitrogenix-365-review-how-does-it-workNitro Genix 365 contains a unique formula of high-quality ingredients that work together to encourage a significant increase in muscle growth and stamina. Muscle growth is not a simple one step process and any muscle building supplement with a one-dimensional approach is guaranteed to be a scam product.

Nitro Genix 365 is a product that was formulated to address all the aspect of muscle growth.  Good circulation is required for oxygen to fuel and build your muscles. Your body has to be able to repair and heal between workouts in order to bulk up and define the muscles. The ingredients in Nitro Genix 365 cause the blood vessels to expand which increases circulation and the blood flow to your muscles.

Nitro Genix 365 causes improved circulation by spiking the production of an organically produced category of enzymes called Nitric Oxides. Improved blood flow transports the muscle building fuel in Nitro Genix 365 throughout your body to repair, strengthen, define and build your muscles.

What our lab broke down about the ingredients in Nitro Genix 365

Nitric Genix 365 contains 4 power ingredients: A-AKG, A-KIC, OKG, and GKC.

A-AKG is a compound created from several important amino acids used and formed in your body during energy-generating activities. Amino acids are a building block used in your body for facilitating the production of Nitric Oxide. A-AKG helps your body quickly break down and absorb these metabolites and direct blood flow and strength to your muscles. These enzymes also support muscle protein synthesis and fuels rapid growth and definition of muscle tissues.

OKG increases muscle tissue by regulating the creation and use of insulin and other growth hormones. It’s this molecule in Nitric Genix 365’s formula that adds the crucial boost in energy and endurance needed to sustain significant muscle growth.

A-KIC is a powerhouse amino acid enzyme catalyst that increases Nitric Oxide production. Nitric Oxide brings oxygen to the blood vessels. Increased Nitric Oxide production causes more  blood flow or fuel to your muscles. A-KIC along with the other ingredients in Nitro Genix 365 contributing to the production of Nitric Oxide lead to a sharp increase in muscle tissue gains and strength.

GKG blocks the reduction of free muscle glutamine concentration and allows for limitless muscle tissue growth. Reduced free muscle glutamine is the culprit for why some people can’t gain a lot of  muscle regardless of how much they workout. GKG is the molecule used in protein synthesis that holds the power to give every person the fuel they need to increase muscle size, density, and strength.

How should you take Nitro Genix 365?

You should take one capsule of Nitro Genix 365 every day. It doesn’t matter if you take Nitro Genix 365 in the morning or in the evening as long as you take the capsules on an empty stomach.  The nutrients in Nitro Genix 365 are absorbed faster and produce the best results if taken on an empty stomach. We recommend taking Nitro Genix 365 in the morning so you can be making sure your muscles are receiving a steady supply of fuel as you got about your day and workouts. Our team found that a few different variables go into determining the amount of time it took to start seeing measurable results in our test group. We recorded a fluctuation ranging between 3 – 8 days in test participants before they noticed a significant decrease in muscle fatigue between workouts and overall increase energy levels.

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Where to buy Nitro Genix 365?

Nitro Genix 360 is currently available on the manufacturer’s website You’re going to get the best deal by ordering right from the manufacture. They offer some great deals plus a large discount if you order in bulk. We always advise people to buy a minimum of a 3 month supply and highly recommend just making the commitment of ordering a 6 month supply. Nitro Genix 365 is one of the best natural muscle building supplements that we’ve ever found widely available on the market and tested.

The manufacturers offer one of the strongest 100% Money-Back Guarantees in the industry. If you’d like a refund, it’s 100% money back no questions asked although feedback is encouraged and welcomed. Our test group has been raving about Nitro Genix 365 but we had one of our members request a refund just to test how smooth the refund process would actually be for an average customer. The 100% money back guarantee was as solid as the Nitro Genix 365 results guarantee


nitrogenix-365-review-verdictNitro Genix 360 is a great product! Tested to only contain 100% natural ingredients. No fillers. No dangerous ingredients. Just a natural muscle building supplement that actually produces some massive muscles. Nitro Genix 365 sets the bar high for what every quality supplement should contain and guarantee. It contains ingredients for tackling every tricky area of muscle building with a one-a-day solution for great results. We’ve yet to test a product that was as safe and multifaceted as Nitro Genix 365, but our job is to test supplements so perhaps soon here in the future, we’ll uncover another great supplement. Yet, at this point in time, Nitro Genix 365 is the safest and most reliable natural muscle building that we’ve ever tested. We’d definitely recommend this product first to anyone looking for a great supplement to boost muscle growth and definition.

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