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Does Music Have Anything to Do with Your Sex Life?

by Healthy Mens Info Staff
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Music affects our mood, that’s a given. On our bad days, current songs like “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and older songs like “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi get us smiling. And, on our good days, current songs like “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver and older songs like “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan get us to shed a tear.

Music gives us a funny feeling, to say the least. It targets our emotions, our reactions, and our daily choices, even though we would never guess it. So, if music affects so many aspects of our lives, the question that lies within is, “does music, or can music, affect our sex lives?”

The answer is: yes. And I’m here to tell you why.


Music is Pleasurable

relaxed woman listening to music on headphones

That’s right.

Music = Pleasure. But what else equals pleasure?


So, how do the two (music and sex) correlate to each other through pleasure? The answer to that question is through your dopamine levels. When you listen to any music, your brain automatically releases the pleasure hormone known as dopamine. Sex, too, releases dopamine levels to your brain.

All in all, both music and sex get you excited. And, if you just so happen to play some seductive music (of any genre) while having sex, chances are your dopamine levels will reach a high, making the sensation more euphoric.


Music Makes Us Picky

Music makes us picky, but how?

Music makes us hesitant in choosing a love interest. Specifically, music with sexually suggestive lyrics. Such lyrics play a huge role in how we see and choose our love partners.

For example, those who listen to sexually suggestive lyrics within music tend to be interested in looks alone. This means, if a person listens to songs such as “Sexy Can I” all the time, then they’ll probably want a love interest that is highly attractive. Therefore, if the opposite sex is attractive in a public situation, a person who likes listening to such music, or who has just recently listened to such a song, will in turn be turned on. This person would then be more likely willing to go over and speak to said attractive person.

On the other hand, people who have not listened to such sexually charged songs within the past few minutes will tend to go more for people with an excellent personality.

Music can, and will, target the sex drive this way (especially when you have a couple drinks in you, too).

But watch out! Music may have something to do with your bad luck when it comes to dating. If you keep going for assholes or bitches, and that’s typically not who you like to date, think about switching up your music taste. That may be the problem.


Music Makes You Approachable

It’s true. However, it does depend on the type of music in this case.

For example, if a group of girls is listening to a song such as “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, they probably aren’t going to be that willing to give their number out to the first guy that comes up to them (even if he is attractive). However, if a song like “Say Something” comes on by Justin Timberlake, odds are the lady or ladies will give out their number to the fellas asking. It all depends on the rhythm and lyrics within the song (and of course how horny the woman actually is in that moment).

So, for future reference, wait for a good enough song to come on that you know will get her turned on and interested in you. Typically dance songs do the trick, or anything with singers such as Justin Timberlake, Drake, Luke Bryan, and believe it or not, Justin Bieber.


Avoid Misogynous Songs

woman happily listening to music in bedroomThis is for your own good. Trust me.

Do not approach a woman when a misogynous song is on. Remember, if a song is misogynistic, it means that it has something bad to say about the female sex. Therefore, approaching a woman while such lyrics are being sung will typically give the opposite affect that you want.

If you do choose to approach her while such a song is on, it will in turn allow her to let negative thoughts invade her mind about you and your sex. And, if you can avoid putting such songs on, say in the car or at your apartment, do so.

A better idea would be to listen to romantic or sexual songs that have gender-neutral lyrics. No one will be angry at the opposite sex, and both men and women will have a great time together.


Music Does Increase Sex Drive

This is what everyone’s been waiting to hear.

Yes, music does increase your sex drive. There’s always that one song that turns you on and gets you wanting to drop your pants immediately.

However, not everyone is turned on by the same music. Listening to Justin Timberlake could arouse one person and listening to Beyonce could arouse the next person. It’s always different. And, timing has a lot to do with when and what kind of music turns a person on. Always keep these facts in mind.

Many researchers have also stated that men who want to raise their sex drive should be listening to music quite regularly.

I guess you could say the movies are right. Next time you watch a romantic comedy and see the man putting on his lady’s favorite mix right before it’s time to get dirty, remember that he’s just trying to increase both of their sex drives. Try it for yourself.

Have some fun and see where the night takes the two of you.


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