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Muscle Rev Xtreme Reviews

Grade: 91 (Highly Effective)

Muscle Rev Extreme has all the makings of one of the best all-natural male enhancement supplements on the market. For one, it contains the right mixture of herbs to make it qualify as a super effective sexual enhancer for libido, sex-drive, energy, and penis size. But it also is processed and manufactured in a way that we usually don’t see, in that its ingredients and manufacturing happen in the exact same region. This allows the product to achieve a level of quality that is of the highest on the market.

The Effectiveness

Muscle Rev Xtreme contains Arginine, Citrulline, Vitamin E, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, which are all effective sexual enhancers alone. When combined, they impressively increase the levels of testosterone, libido, and energy in males. A concussive effect is an increase in penis size, which amounts to over two inches in length and girth between 2-6 weeks after starting dosage.

The herbs inside Muscle Rev Extreme induce an increase in blood circulation to the endothelial cells, which gives the muscle tissue increased mass over time due to the dilation and contraction that will regularly take place.

This has two benefits: your muscles and penis grow exponentially bigger, and your libido and energy levels spike beyond the likes you will ever see without these potent herbs inside your body.

After one week of testing, we were able to determine an average increase of 147% in libido, sex-drive, energy, and penis size. The penis saw an increase of 1.2 inches in length and girth.

After three weeks, we recorded an average increase of 187% in libido, sex-drive, and penis size. The penis saw an increase in 1.9 inches in length and girth during this time.

A secondary accomplishment of Muscle Rev Xtreme is increased semen production, which means men will see more pleasurable orgasms, increased ejaculation velocity and substance, and far more ejaculate expulsion.

How it Works and What’s Inside

Muscle Rev Xtreme contains an essential and powerful combination of herbs that give your body an amazing surplus of nutrients that promote an increase in free testosterone, libido, sex-drive, penis size, and energy levels.

Arginine, a powerful and essential amino acid, provides a substantial nitric oxide release, which is enough to increase blood flow to the penis and sexual health system, resulting in a large penis and increased libido.

Citrulline, another essential nutrient, increases muscle tissue density, further increasing the size of the penis but also increasing testosterone and libido.

Vitamin E and Alpha Lipoic Acid both combine to give your endothelial cells an increase in blood circulation, amounting to an outstanding improvement to male’s sexual health systems.

These herbs were tested to have a potency ratio of 215:1. This is extremely potent. Most other male enhancement products on the market only have 20:1 potency ratios.

The only way to obtain this level of quality is to use powerful base ingredients, advanced growing techniques, and an aging technique to the herbs. Few companies possess these skills.

The Bottom Line

Muscle Rev Extreme provides men with an impressive and powerful all-natural male enhancement supplement that works extremely well. Not only does it increase libido, sex-drive, ejaculate amount, penis size, and energy by up to 200%, but it also does it naturally. We recommend men between 18-90 gives this product a try to increase their penis size and libido, among other benefits. We highly recommend this product.

Our Final Grade: 91 (Highly Effective)

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