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Mr. Hyde Review: How Harmless and Efficient is this Product?

by healthymensinfo

At a Glance

This pre-workout supplement offers promising results among those athletes, bodybuilders, or just plain fitness enthusiasts.  Mr. Hyde offers 40 servings of powder with numerous flavors to choose from. Basically this supplement is for optimizing muscle pumps when you are exercising. Then there is caffeine for an energy boost and improved stamina.  As mentioned, Mr. Hyde is a supplement to be used before working out since it is designed to magnify your energy while also allowing muscle enlargement.

It costs $59.99, though the price can vary. On Amazon, there is free shipping included. Below is list of Mr. Hyde’s multiple flavors with their equivalent costs:

Orange Burst, 7.9 oz $23.99

Blue Razz, 7.4 oz $23.99

Cotton Candy, 7.6 oz $23.99

Cherry Bomb, 8.0 oz $25.49

Mango Passion Fruit, 7.4 oz $30.00

Fruit Punch, 11.3 oz $27.99

Berry Blast, 8.1 oz $23.99

Watermelon, six sizes from $23.99

Furthermore, below are Mr. Hyde’s noteworthy traits:

The supplement has three fractions, i.e. Caffeine Matrix, Strength Matrix, and Intensity Matrix.

Fruit Punch flavor seems to be the most favored of all.

Mr. Hyde has a significant role to play in terms of energy enhancement and further intensity when engaging in workout.

It goes along very well with water.

The availability of different flavors, though the most favored ones are the cherry bomb and the fruit punch. People who have already taken Mr. Hyde stated that they do not think that the grittiness of the supplement is a trouble. These users take Mr. Hyde by letting the mixture sit for about five minutes before drinking it. Some initially used Mr. Hyde by adding 1 scoop into water. Eventually, it became 1.5 scoops after the fourth cycle.

Caffeine Matrix   


With Mr. Hyde, users will feel the difference right away. This is surely not the case with other products. Every serving has 2 kinds of caffeine, both making you more alert and your stamina increased to help you work out longer and more efficiently.


Strength Matrix

Numerous nutrients are involved her, which essentially promotes strength and muscle development.

Creatine – Standalone component, Creatine is used by bodybuilders and athletes because it can help in developing your sports-related performance.

Agmatine sulfate – Agmatine sulfate supports in giving the muscle mass every bodybuilder desires.

Beta Alanine – This amino acid works by supplying energy and fiery force while on doing workouts.

L-leucine – This essential amino acid fuels stamina as it aids in upholding healthy blood sugar levels. Plus, it serves to shore up the creation of the body’s growth hormones.

Users of Mr. Hyde seem to be delighted with the product’s performance. They testified to the supplement’s efficiency in terms of increased strength and endurance. Naturally, this encouraged others to try Mr. Hyde for themselves. Furthermore, bear in mind that it is better to consume an entire container before trying on other product flavors. This is to guarantee that your body can make the necessary adjustments to the new taste.

Intensity Matrix

mrhyde-review-intensity-in-mrhydeThis, on the other hand, involves substantial nutrients with pertinence to the supplement’s strength:

Picamilon (pikamilon) – Believed to increase mental capacities for sharper focus and enhanced blood flow. With this, users can concentrate in their routine while also being motivated. This unites GABA and Niacin.

n-Methyl tyramine – This compound’s role is to supply energy and provide fat burning sustenance.

Bear in mind that the overall outcome of all these ingredients in a single supplement cannot be copied by others who use multiple product s at a time. The only thing that can happen here is higher costs.

What are the Negative Sides?

Mr. Hyde is not apt for everyone. There are limitations as to who can take this supplement. These are:

Women with child or expecting

People who are diabetic

People with high blood pressure

People with heart issues

Those with chronic health concerns

Those who are sensitive to stimulants and caffeine

If you have any of the aforementioned cases, it only means that you need to consult with your doctor before taking Mr. Hyde. Also, stay away from caffeine and soda if you take Mr. Hyde on a daily basis. More importantly, do not exceed to the recommended dosage since the nutrients in Mr. Hyde are concentrated and the fact that there’s caffeine, too.

Mr. Hyde: Is this Product Genuine?

Essentially, the components in Final Thoughts blend excellently to supply strength and fortitude, as well as allow for the fat to be burned and for the muscle pumps to be optimized. Surely, Mr. Hyde is highly helpful if it’s real fitness you’re after. To help you make a decision, talk to your doctor about it and supply him/her with all the necessary information about Mr. Hyde.

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