MD Science Lab Male Enhancement Cream Review – Does it Work? 

MD Science Lab Male Enhancement Cream works by being applied directly to the genitals on the male, increasing the flow of blood to the member, increasing sensitivity, pleasure, and sexual longevity.
Unfortunately, after reading reviews and with personal use, it seems as though this product only offers marginal results after an extended period of time. You may not achieve such great results after extended use.

The one main effect that this product does is induce a warming sensation to the penis, giving you a more connecting experience with your lady.

Other than this main effect, we must recommend that men look elsewhere if they’re looking for a male enhancement product to directly contribute positively to your sexual health.

Pills are much more effective in this regard.

Here are the full details of the review

The Effectiveness

While MD Science Lab Male Enhancement Cream works slightly well at increasing your pleasure, sensitivity, and ability to last longer in bed, it doesn’t work well enough to recommend that consumers purchase it as their daily male enhancement product.

While this cream is convenient, you should see much better results with pills.

This cream was found to contain similar ingredients to those in pills, but they seem to be less effective due to the application process. Meanwhile, the similar ingredients in pills go directly to your sexual health system, going to work immediately.

After using this cream for over 6 weeks, our users noted the same minimal effect every time. Because of the way you use this product, you don’t see a gradual increase in effectiveness like you would if you took all natural male enhancement pills.

The Ingredients

MD Science Lab Male Enhancement Cream contains some helpful ingredients, but because of the way it’s applied, you don’t see as great of effects that would see from using more effective male enhancement pills.

The ingredients include:

  • Butea Superba
  • Botanical Extract infused in water
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Dimethicone
  • Polysorbate
  • Glycerine


We must conclude that there are better products out there to choose from other than MD Science Lab Male Enhancement Cream.

While this product is convenient, you’ll see much better sexual health benefits from using a product in pill form.

What I Recommend You Use Instead

If you’re looking for a really effective male enhancement product that has been clinically proven to increase size, hardness, and performance, look to Formula 41 Extreme for these needs.

Formula 41 Extreme contains the right blend of ingredients that will provide a serious boost in blood-flow and testosterone, giving your body the right nutrients it needs to give you a seriously better sex life.

After 6 weeks of usage, our users saw added inches on their penis, as well as 500% increases to their sex-drive, libido, sexual energy and stamina, and erection quality.

MD Science Lab Male Enhancement Cream: D