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MateFitWeight Loss Product Reviews

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MateFitWeight Loss Product Reviews

What People Are Saying About MateFit on Amazon:

“This my 2nd time doing this teatox by matefit. It’s great for people who want to reduce the bloated and sluggish feeling. It gives you great amount of energy and makes you want to be healthier overall. It doesn’t taste bad at all, i would compare the metabolism tea to like a green tea. The night time tea is minty almost and tastes close to a peppermint tea. Overall, it’s a great product!”

“From all the tea I have drink throughout the years, this tea combination is he best so far. To be fair, I only drink the green detox bag because it doesn’t make you bloated. The orange metabolic boost bag, make me bloated and stuff. Will buy the detox bag again only.”

“Love this! 4 days and I already feel less bloated and more energetic! My skin even looks better! People even notice! I wish the Matefit bottle came with it. Such a large purchase for no freebie. Plus who wouldn’t want the free advertising!!???”

Didnt really give me energy. Nor did it curb my appetite. Did help with bloating. But from the detox one i did notice better digestion. Good, natural tea, not a bad taste.

User Review Analysis:

Weight Loss Tea

MateFit is a Teatox tea blend that is designed to help boost the metabolism, it claims that it will slim you down without any caffeine. It will give you energy and antioxidants to help keep the free radicals at bay. It is simply just herbs and root powder, just a little spice for taste and apparently from reading these reviews that was enough to help with weight loss.

Users really felt like it keep their digestive systems moving and reduced bloating, one user even thought it helped to detoxify her pores. Everyone pretty much liked the taste, a few reviewers here and there were not satisfied with the taste of the detox blend. It is all herbal, so if one is use to only sugary caffeinated drinks this product might be a little shock to their taste buds. One user claimed that it helped her to lose 22 pounds.

Overall, reading the reviews it seems like it helped mostly with the bloating and keeping the digestive track happy and healthy.

Here are some of the ingredients found inside:

Dandelion RootDandelion Root

Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

Rosemary Leaf

Senna Leaf

Cinnamon Powder

Black Pepper

Ginger Root

Hibiscus Flower Powder

Rhubarb Root Powder

Blessed Thistle Herb

Lemongrass Leaf

Grapefruit Peel

Any side effects?

The tea is entirely safe unless you are allergic to any of the aforementioned ingredients. The MateFit products may only produce a side effect if taken with other supplements and medications. You should talk to your doctor before starting a TeaTox.

How Much Does MateFit Cost?

14-Day Mini Teatox: $26.99

28-Day Ultimate Teatox: $45

28-Day Detox: $25.95

28-Day Metabolic Boost: $35

Super Goji Blast: $25

Antioxidant Body Scrub: $12.95


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