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by healthymensinfo

Male enhancement products take advantage of the consumer by making ridiculous claims that their particular products will make his penis grow larger and harder as well as dramatically increase his stamina. It is almost impossible to open an email account without having received several spam letters for male enhancement supplements with outrageous promises. This is whether the recipient is male or female. The pharmaceutical company has jumped on board as well. There are countless commercials shown on television every single day bombarding viewers with the latest and greatest so called miracle.

The male enhancement supplement, manufacturers are not the only entities making a fortune from consumers. Big time, corporate chain stores such as GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe are also making huge profits from selling these useless, and sometimes dangerous, products. Think about it for a minute. Every time a new commercial is released for the next miracle supplement another is released right behind it for assistance suing over the associated side effects.

It is very sad that both companies and individuals scam consumers this way; however, there is a way for them to protect themselves. Consumers have a responsibility to think critically and investigate products and/or services prior to making any purchases regardless of what their claim is. Informed citizens are these scam companies biggest enemy and worst nightmare. Remember the adage of if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hard Earned Dollars

Most everyone is struggling with the current economy and even those who are not usually try to be financially conscious. Male enhancement products are extremely expensive and are not generally a onetime purchase, though that first time is the most important purchase. Many times it is followed up with hype such as statements that the properties must build up in the user’s system. This usually provokes at least a second purchase about 50% of the time.

Some of these manufacturers even offer to set up subscriptions so to speak. They will automatically send consumers their supplements on a monthly basis and quite conveniently withdrawal funds from their bank accounts simultaneously. Sometimes companies will tell customers that they will be automatically signed up to receive emails full of tips and hints. Others provide a full report on sexual function issues and solutions. Of course, this is only free with the initial purchase.

As mentioned above, this is an extremely lucrative business and market. One reason for this, beyond targeting hopeful individuals, is that there is a huge markup on just about all of these supplements. In some cases, these companies pay less than $3 for these formulas and then turn around to charge consumers between $30 to well more than $100 per bottle. That is about a 1,000% markup for the least expensive supplement which is not only absolutely ridiculous, it is should be a crime because it is highway robbery.

Quality versus Profit

Big corporate does not actually care about their clients aside from learning what false promises to make to get them to buy, buy, buy. As a matter of fact, figuring out how to steal, and it is basically stealing, as much of the money as possible is the only time they think about consumers at all. Companies purchase extremely poor quality product and market them as the finest around. Most male enhancement supplements do usually contain the herbs that are advertised; however, it is in very small quantities. Both of these elements makes them much cheaper for corporations to purchase in bulk.

An important element to understand is the shelf life of herbs which can be up to a couple of years. The catch to this is that to retain their potency for that amount of time they must remain whole and intake. As soon as herbs are pulverized they begin to lose potency. Keep in mind that herbs must be ground up or pulverized before manufacturers can make tables or fill gelatin capsule with them. At first glance this may not seem like an issue. After all, supplements do not stay on shelves all that long. That is true; however, they are often stored for several years in warehouses before they are shipped to the store to sell to consumers.

Quality Sacrificed over Production

Most of the male enhancement products on the market today are manufactured by greedy, money hungry, large corporations. Their top priority is to make a profit and they will do almost anything to reach that goal. Companies that do not actually manufacture them in-house search for the cheapest products available with no regard to the quality of the products that they are marketing.

Cheap, inferior quality supplements are extremely cheap and big corp can make a fortune through the markup mentioned above. Manufactures that are producing these products are also shameless money grubbers simply out to make a profit and line their own pockets. Most do not perform any research to determine the quality of the herbs, where, or how they are grown and processed.

Only Out for Number One

Profiteering corporations are only out to market something, anything, which consumers will pay for. Often these marketing schemes include misleading the public, or outright lying to the masses and bashing other products out there, sometimes even by specific name. They pay no attention to nor do they care about what is best for their consumers.

Big business would never dream of informing the public about high quality products which actually work. Their company blogs which are supposed to educate readers only spew rhetoric and make unfounded false claims. They would also never encourage the public to perform research to educate themselves and become informed consumers. In their view their companies are number one and that is exactly who they are out to take care of.

All individuals are different with a variety of health and nutritional needs. A product which works for one man may not help the next ten or even 100. If consumers rely on marketers and manufacturers for their information they will be treated like mushrooms. These entities generate huge profits by keeping the masses in the dark and feeding them horse manure.

Each individual should research products based on their specific criteria such as age, lifestyle, issue, and disorders they may be suffering from. The only thing that big brands want to accomplish is greasing their own pockets. They will not recommend products which may be better and more focused on each individual’s issue. As a matter of fact, they will go out of their way to hide these facts in order to make more money.

Consumers Pay Big Business’s Bills

Most all individuals understand that businesses must generate at least some profit. That is generally the first reason people enter any industry. There are several costs that companies incur in normal operations. They are required to pay real estate fees, marketing costs, and pay employee wages. It is also understandable that businesses pass this debt to consumers. They cannot stay in business, if they do not pay the bills. The problem is that they mark prices up so much that it breaks consumers’ wallets while filling their own corporate bank accounts up. As long as big corporations are making money they are happy regardless of what the public must sacrifice.

Hinky Marketing Tactics

All companies use some sort of marketing tactics and ploys in order to sell their products and/or services. Those that the male enhancement industry uses are usually hinky. They put their products on the shelves and on websites with fake before and after pictures leading customers to believe that their products will deliver exactly the same results to them. Big business also pays anonymous individuals to write comments or post testimony proclaiming the miracles of their supplements. Many of these people have never tried the product and have probably never even heard of it before.

Big corporations blur the line of rules and regulations that the government places upon them as much as possible. They use fancy words buzz to draw customers in hoping they will buy into the hype as well as their ‘special’ blend. The largest majority of the time the manufactures do not even have a clue if the product works or not. Fancy words and hype do not deliver results. In most cases, the formula inside the bottles is useless powder and empty promises.

Another tactic that they use is to increase the price of other products in order to make the in-store supplements less expensive and therefore much more appealing. The truth is that they usually skimp on the ingredients in their formulas and then increase the price. Sometimes they lower their prices to make their products more appealing and then skimp on the quality or quantity to make it seem as though they are rewarding their loyal customers.

The Science of Hype

One of the most common marketing ploys big business uses is in-house expert testimony. This looks pretty good on paper or the website; however, most of the time those so called experts are high school graduates who were required to take a three hour training seminar. The biggest portion of those instruction seminars are aimed at evaluation customers, not products or ingredients, promotional tactics, and sales. These experts have not taken any special courses nor are required to have any type science based education. Expert testimony looks good on paper or posted on website, but holds no water. Their claims and testimony is full of proverbial holes. The government and the FDA does place regulations on big corp to protect consumers; however, they barely skate through those rules by the skin of their teeth. Much of the time they can simply play with the wording. Advertisements might say that though the product has not yet been approved for that use by the FDA, experts are currently testing these amazing ingredients for their potentially potent properties. It sounds great, but in all reality it does not mean a thing.

This is not to say that all male enhancement supplements are scams to make profit. There are high quality products which are highly effective available on the market. The truth is that these are very few and far between. It is important for consumers to educate themselves to become informed and to avoid being scammed. A little research in the beginning can save consumers a great deal of heartache and disappointment in the long run.

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