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Loginexx Reviews

Grade: F

Longinexx claims to give you larger, fuller, firmer erections, increase sexual stamina and energy, increased sexual ability, more forceful orgasms, improved recovery times for more sex, and improved erection quality.
Unfortunately, all of these claims were invented by the company to sell more product. None of these sexual health benefits have been recorded in real clinical trials, nor have any customers reported these sexual health benefits.
This is another product in the male enhancement line of products supported by Ron Jeremy, such as Xantho 5X, Rexavar, and Penatropin. Like the rest, Longinexx fails to live up to the claims it presents to consumers.
One could only guess that the company producing these male enhancement products is simply using Ron Jeremy’s fame as a marketing tool to trick consumers into thinking Longinexx, as well as the other products, is an effective sexual enhancer when it’s not.

Longinexx Has Many Reports on, Offers Outlandish Claims of Success, one of the most reputable sources for consumers to go to when voicing their opinions of rip-off companies or products, has a multitude of reports for Longinexx.
A majority of the reports claim that Longinexx is extremely ineffective and the claims presented are not true.
These claims of success were invented by the company who manufacturers Longinexx, and are not true.
The ingredients used in Longinexx are very low-quality and low-dose, as was tested by third-party centers. These ingredients were found to be so low in potency that the testing agency had a hard time getting any results at all.
After a large quantity of Longinexx was tested to get a result finally, the ingredients inside of the product were found to have a potency ratio of 7:1. This is preposterously low.
Most common male enhancement products have potency ratios of 20:1, making Longinexx almost three times weaker than most other products.
Our top-rated male enhancement products have potency ratios of between 200:1 to 400:1 as a comparison.

Longinexx Fails to Honor Refund Policy, Gives Consumers Maze of Phone Calls

Consumers have reported many times over that Longinex is ineffective, but another common complaint is that the company fails to adhere to its own refund policy.
Customers claim that the company tries its hardest not to give a refund, with the process often taking several hours to complete after many phone calls.
And the consumers who eventually did get refunds only received partial refunds, which was not explained over the phone. Since consumers often have to wait several hours to get a refund, the company behind Longinexx knows customers will not go through it again to get the rest of their refund.
Very poor business skills and customer service are more reasons why customers should look elsewhere for their male enhancement needs.


Claims: Longinexx claims to give you larger, fuller, firmer erections, increase sexual stamina and energy, increased sexual ability, more forceful orgasms, improved recovery times for more sex, and improved erection quality.
Reality: The reality of Longinexx is that it does none of the above. There are numerous reports of this product being ineffective, as well as reports of the company not honoring its own policies.

Grade: F

Due to 0 reports of success with this product, as well as numerous reports of the company essentially stealing money from consumers by not honoring its refund policy, we cannot recommend that anyone use this product.
Not only does it not work, but you’ll have a hard time getting your money back. In addition, due to the network of poor-quality products presented by Ron Jeremy, we cannot recommend that consumers use any of the products in this network, as none of them are effective male enhancement products.

What We Recommend

We recommend that consumers use Formula 41 Extreme to increase their sexual stamina, penis size, erection hardness and quality, and recovery times. 99.9% of men who used Formula 41 Extreme have reported 400% increases in all areas of sexual health after only 3-6 weeks of regular usage.
These consumers have also reported between 3-4 inches of increased penis length and girth, making this one of the most effective and potent male enhancement products on the market. The potency ratios of the ingredients in Formula 41 Extreme are over 400:1.



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