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Lipogenix Elite Product Review

Lipogenix Elite is one of the best selling fat burning supplements across the entire industry. We’re curious. What was different about Lipogenix Elite? What results could Lipogenix Elite produce that couldn’t be achieved from the other fat burning products on the market?  A product like Lipogenix Elite demanded answers so we set out to test this fat burner and burn away all the questions that still surround this supplement.

What is the short answer for why Lipogenix Elite stands above the competition?


100% of our test group lost weight and gained increased muscle definition by taking Lipogenix Elite for 6 months. Lipogenix Elite produces results. You will lose weight. It’s 100% natural. Clinically proven to contain no filler ingredients or black market pharmaceutical type drugs. Lipogenix Elite contains 8 ingredients that have each been proven to contribute to weight loss and increased levels of energy. The ratio and quality of each of these herbal ingredients addresses every single aspect of weight loss:fat burning,reduced appetite, increased energy, metabolism and muscle definition.

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How does Lipogenix produce all of those amazing results?

lipogenix-elite-why-it-stands-above-the-competitionLipogenix Elite is completely unique in the field of fat burning supplements. It’s formula works by increasing your metabolism to the exact level scientifically proven to be ideal for maximum fat burning. The energy from having an increased metabolism through burning extra fat cells also fuels increased physical activity.  Lipogenix Elite boosts your metabolism by turning up the internal temperature inside of your body through thermogenic compounds. Thermogenics is when the heat in your body is increased through metabolic stimulation or through specific microorganisms used to raise internal heat by targeting organic waste and fat cells in your body. Increasing your body’s core temperature through thermogenic compounds prompts your body to start burning more calories. Lipogenix Elite increases the metabolism which causes increased fat burning which causes increased energy which increases workout modification.

Lipogenix Elite increases your metabolism and motivation to workout through a 100%  natural formula proven to produce dramatic weight loss and muscle definition!

How do the ingredients in Lipogenix Elite work?

The ingredients in Lipogenix Elite double up as both a fat burner and a pre-workout supplement. Lipogenix Elite burns fat while increasing energy levels and supporting muscle growth. Each of the 8 ingredients works independently and together to quickly stimulate the ultimate increase in weight loss and muscle definition physically possible in your body.


Lipogenix Elite contains a rare potent herbal tea caffeine extract that naturally stimulates  fat burning, increased metabolism,mental focus and memory.


Glucuronolactone is a compound formed organically in your body and a part from the major structural component of the connective tissues in the human body. The main advantage of this ingredient is that reduces levels of toxic byproducts resulting from fat burning and athletic activity while increasing free energy levels.

Plipogenix-elite-ingredients-3-phenylethylamine-hclhenylethylamine HCL

Phenylethylamine HCL is an organic compound needed by your body for enhancing cognitive function, weight loss, and concentration. Phenylethylamine HCL provides people taking Lipogenix 365 with increased focus and motivation during athletic activity.

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-4-synephrine-caprylateSynephrine Caprylate

Synephrine Caprylate is a natural compound apart of the classification of nitrogen atoms called the  Alkaloid family. You can find Synephrine Caprylate at very low levels in several common fruits like oranges. Synephrine Caprylate helps burn fat cells which burn calories by elevating your body’s metabolic rate through the process of lipolysis.

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-5-nettle-root-extractNettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf has a natural herb that has been used in natural medicine for thousands and thousands of years. in traditional herbal alternative medicine. Nettle leaf is proven to suppress appetite and unhealthy cravings which contribute to the overall weight loss experienced from taking LIpogenix 365.

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-6-yohimbe-extractYohimbe Extract

Yohimbe Extract is compound apart of the indole alkaloid and derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree. Yohimbe bark causes the blood vessels to dilate which improves blood flow and circulation. Increased blood flow elevates your metabolism. Yohimbe Bark is a powerful herb that alongside the other ingredients in Lipogenix 365 fuel the thermogenic process and dramatically increases your metabolism.


Picamilon compound containing niacin shown to be effective in suppressing both appetites and increasing fat burning. Picamilon is composed of various organic properties that enhance blood flow and nicotinic acid synthesis. Picamilon spikes your metabolism by elevating the amount and frequency of the vasodilators process or the dilation of blood vessels in your body.

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-8-inositol-niacinateInositol Niacinate

Inositol Niacinate is a lipid-lowering compound that expedites and powers the rapid burning of fat cells and increases the vasodilator process in your body. Inositol Niacinate blocks fat cells from clinging to muscle walls. Your body is instead triggered to rapidly burn these fat cells and increase the energy levels throughout your body.

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What results did we experience from taking Lipogenix Elite?

lipogenix-elite-how-does-it-produce-amazing-resultsThe average weight loss in our gym workout group of 30 was 45 pounds with an increase of 3.7 inches to the size and definition of our upper body muscles. Lipogenix Elite burned off all the extra fat cells built up in our old beer bellies while fueling energy and muscle growth during exercise. Lipogenix Elite is the best product any of us have ever found for losing weight and providing fuel to support the energy and health we needed to be able to stick to a workout program. We’re all going to just take it for 3 months but it’s now been around 6 months and we all still take Lipogenix 365. The results have been so great and having the motivation and energy to workout is a game changer for our team of 55 + year old guys over the proverbial hill but outperforming younger guys still in their 30s!

How should you take Lipogenix Elite?

Our test group found the best results were reported by the group participants who took 2 capsules of Lipogenix Elite every day. It seemed simplest to just take one capsule in the morning and then to take the 2nd one right before bed. The label advises taking Lipogenic Elite on an empty stomach and I have to say we all completely agree that taking it on an empty stomach is the route to go for seeing the greatest results. It was somewhat of a pain for the first few days to remember to make sure to take Lipogenix Elite on an empty stomach. After a few days, though, it was second nature and with the reduced appetite from taking Lipogenix Elite, it was a piece of cake to take on an empty stomach.

Where did you find Lipogenix Elite

We found Lipogenix Elite online and then ordered ever since from the original manufacturer. The manufacturer offers a great deal if you buy Lipogenix Elite in bulk. They’ve always been great. It’s easy to order and they have great customer service. We were able to call or email anytime we had a question about our order or Lipogenix Elite and hear back in less than a few hours.

Our Verdict


If a group of old grandpas are at the gym and benching more than a lot of the younger guys then you know a product really works. We love being able to show the young cocky little whippersnappers how it’s done and teach them a little about respect but it would be unfair to not share what we learned about Lipogenix 365. Everyone needs to try Lipogenix Elite and achieve and maintain their strength, energy, body and life regardless of age!

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