Leyzene Review – Should you use Leyzene?

All you need to know about Leyzene

You may have probably heard of Leyzene in an internet forum or popup ad. It’s currently one of the most widely-sold male enhancement supplements today, and for a good reason. The company behind Leyzene has invested heavily on ads, which put the brand on the map. The brand was heavily sold on online marketplaces like Amazon.com, where it garnered positive reviews coming from more than 1600 people who bought the product.

If this business taught us anything, it is to inspect before you insinuate that there is something wrong with the product. We were quite suspicious about the reviews on Amazon.com, and if there’s any way to prove our suspicions, we turned to the product itself to see if it can really be as effective as they say it is. Here’s what we found out:

What is in a pill of Leyzene?

While the ingredients are not fully disclosed in its supplement profile, the main ingredients are published for everyone to review. These are:

Xanthoparmelia – used to increase libido in men and as a treatment for erectile dysfunction

Agmatine Sulfate – theoretically increases nitric oxide in the blood to act as a vasodilator, but no actual study has been conducted to confirm.

Cnidium monnieri – an aphrodisiac used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Epimedium – also known as Horny Goat Weed, used in traditional Chinese medicine (yin yang huo) as an aphrodisiac and as a cure for impotence.

Ginger – acts as a vasodilator if within the correct dose.

It’s important to note that the formula contains Agmatine Sulfate, an ingredient that is not recommended to take with a bunch of other ingredients from supplements. It can cause adverse interactions when taken with supplements like Creatine, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Yohimbe.


The formulation is simple and easy to understand. It is basically a combination of blood vessel dilators to promote blood flow, and an aphrodisiac formula to influence where the blood should be going. However, only Epimedium has shown positive effects in testing, and the other ingredients like Xanthoparmelia and Cnidium Monnieri have not been shown to have consistent benefits for male enhancement.

Agmatine Sulfate is used in several bodybuilding supplements as a vasodilator, but no evidence shows that it would also have a significant benefit in male enhancement. In fact, the effects of Agmatine Sulfate can also nullify or counteract the effects of other supplements that you may be taking. It would have been loads better if Leyzene contained L-Arginine instead, like what Formula 41 Extreme uses, to have a tested vasodilator for male enhancement.


We’re not 100% sure that all those reviews on Amazon.com are genuine. Our expertise with supplements tell us that there are about 30+ more supplements that have better formulas than Leyzene. It’s not like they have struck gold by piecing together the ingredients of Leyzene, because there’s nothing special to begin with – and that’s why we find it hard to believe that 1,600 people were so pleased with the product that they left amazing reviews.

If you’re looking for a product that works, check out Formula 41 Extreme. The individual reviews about the product should tell you everything you need to know about what the product does.