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Let’s Talk: Testicles

by healthymensinfo

It seems that testicles never seem to be the high ranking topic when it comes to discussion about sexual health. We are all too focused on our penis that sometimes we disregard our testicles until there becomes an issue, or we accidentally wind up with something knocking into them – OUCH!

But what do we understand about our testicles and do we always remember to acknowledge that we have them, never mind regularly check that everything is all as it should be . . .

Let us have a look at this area – because the testicles are just as important as anything else.

First off: What are testicles?

So we all know that we have ‘balls’ swinging in-between our legs, but what do we actually know about them? Yes, they are the holders of a male’s fertility, but is this really all there is to them?

This diagram may look like something we laughed at in High School, but understanding our genitals is, in fact, no laughing matter. We need to recognise and understand how everything works in order to look after ourselves properly. The testicles are the all important organ that produces sperm and testosterone. We can boost testosterone production by taking daily male enhancement pills.

The function of the testes


Without our testicles we have no way of sperm production, meaning we would have no way to give our women babies. We would also have no way of producing testosterone – the hormone that makes us men, well, men!

Behind the penis lies the scrotum which holds these all-important and sensitive organs. The scrotum is a stretchy sack that protects (despite how much you disagree when kicked in the gonads!)

Everyone is different

It is important to recognise that each person is different. The scrotum may hang lower on some men than others; the sizes may vary of the testicles, themselves, and one may be larger than the other.

Some men may only have one of their testicles and this is, in fact, more common than you may think.

How are we affected by our testicles?

Men are drastically impacted by these amazing creators of life, whether we notice or nay. We definitely acknowledge our penises – so why do we not pay attention to what lies underneath unless it by mistake?


It’s not just that they are sensitive to pain either; testicles are also sensitive to pleasure (if given the chance).

It may tickle at first, but give it a shot. Allowing someone to play with this area can be extra arousing as opposed to only focusing on the obvious. A lot of sexual partners pay more attention to just the penis; however, fondling the testicles can stimulate a more intense orgasm.

Checking for lumps

2It is critical that as men we regularly check for any abnormalities in this area. If we notice anything strange, don’t panic! It could be something or nothing.
It is crucial that we regularly check ourselves for lumps and abnormalities. If we do not attend regular examinations then at least perform them at home. It is best to do so when we are relaxed and warm (ideally after a bath or shower). Generally, if we combine a nutritious diet with natural herbs, we can keep our gonads in good working order. However, there are things like testicular cancer that we cannot control, but it is best to detect anything out of the ordinary sooner rather than later.

You can conduct a Testicular self-examination (TSE) with your hand at home, which allows you to familiarise yourself with the weight of this are and detect anything that may cause pain.

Don’t freak out!

Finding a lump or any kind of irregularity can be a scary concept and our minds can be our own worst enemy if we let it. However, let a professional take a look and assess before we start imagining the worst. If something does not appear or feel as it normally would, then take yourself to a doctor immediately to avoid allowing the situation to escalate.

Potential analysis

There are a number of diseases and conditions that affect the testicles. It is better to be aware of the possibilities and understand their treatments, preventatives and symptoms. This way you get a heads up as to what to expect.

Lumps do not always indicate a sign of cancer. However, it is much better to be safe than sorry and if you find anything out of the ordinary, you should seek medical advice.

Effects of male enhancements on the testicles

Because enhancement supplements increase testosterone levels and improve the quality of sperm, this means that you may feel overwhelming sensations and sexual urges as you were a new man!

Testosterone and semen production

You may feel heavier in this area and a tingling due to the extra hormone production. This should not be anything but twinges that could potentially be pleasurable – but if you do experience any pain, (which is extremely unusual) then it is advised to see a doctor.

Using natural supplements is also known to increase the sperm count and fertility within men. The semen that is produced is of high quality and healthy.

If you would like more information with regards to recommended natural products, click here to see what is available and their reviews.

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