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Legacy Labs Cognitine: Will it deliver the best results?

by healthymensinfo
Legacy Labs Cognitine: Will it deliver the best results?

What is the point in confusing matters when it comes to purchasing supplements – spending time scratching your head over which product is going to best suit your needs, what formula is most effective, is it worth the money?

The answer is – there is no point! Not when you can have the experts do it for you! Why not let someone else do all the work and then summarize their findings into reviews that you can trust? That’s what we do.

We base our facts on the results of clinical trials and add our extensive knowledge of natural herbs and their effects for you to see exactly what goes on in the formulas that you consider investing time and money into!

What is the product’s purpose?

cognitine-ingredients-vinpocetineOne formula which is specially designed to improve brain/cognitive functions is Legacy Labs Cognitine. It is said to work on restoring memory, concentration and even learning abilities!

By offering additional supplementary nutraceuticals and neurotransmitters this product hopes to best support these aspects that affect our everyday lives drastically.

Those who are 40 years plus, are said to significantly experience the advantages of this product as well as those who may have lost (or partially lost) their ability to focus. This supplement promises to improve on blood and oxygen circulation, generate higher levels of energy and boost the brain’s nerve growth.

The formula and ingredients

cognitine-ingredients-bocopamonieripowderThe components that build this brain enhancement have each been thoroughly researched. There are key elements that combine to create the best effects, these are: Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine, Phosphatidylserine, Pantothenic Acid, Cobalamin, Niacinamide, Folic Acid, DMAE, Pyridoxine HCL and Gingko.

A flower found in India provides the natural extract Bacopa Monnieri which is transformed into a powder and boosts GABA neurotransmitters. The beneficial effects of this occurrence is that the mind becomes free, stress-free, and therefore you can feel a deep sensation of relaxation.

The Periwinkle plant provides the extract Vinpocetine, which resolves issues involving memory damage, rectifies any loss of concentration and increases oxygen and blood flow.

Phosphatidylserine improve the nerve chemical functions. It is a compound with which its deficiency is linked with conditions that coincide with aging. It can also rejuvenate cell membranes.

The substance that better converts protein, fats, carbohydrates into energy is Pantothenic Acid and is essential for overall health, development, growth, and energy.

Producing brain and blood cells as well as protecting nerve growth is Cobalamin which works together with folic acid and vitamin B6 in lowering the levels of homocysteine in the blood.

A precursor to Niacin is Niacinamide.

Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid exhibit the synthesis of DNA.

Enhancing brain functions is DMAE.

Generating amino acids is Pyridoxine HCL (or Vitamin B6) .

And finally, the powerful antioxidant Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract acts as a cleanser.


Two bottle are the equivalent of a month’s supply of this supplement – which is far from cheap when each bottle costs $67. This makes it one of the most expensive brain enhancements on the market. Each bottle contains just thirty tablets, however there are multipack options if you decide to make a bulk purchase to save a little cash.

To conclude

Being one of the most expensive products on the holistic market is enough to put you off. Especially when you can spend $19.95 for a whole month’s supply of either Optimal Omega or Brain Gain which are both made by the leading brand are the top choices of brain enhancement supplements.

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