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iSatori Bio-Gro Review – Best Muscle Building Supplements 

iSatori Bio-Gro Review – Best Muscle Building Supplements

iSatori Bio-Gro muscle building supplement review


When talking about extreme muscle hypertrophy supplementation, one thing that shouldn’t escape your list are growth factors. The muscle growth that you can achieve with protein powders and nitric oxide boosters can only go up to a certain growth ceiling, and growth factors make that ceiling a little bit higher. Growth factors like IGF-1 are one of the most sought-after growth factors today, and these are most commonly sourced from Deer antler velvet, and some other from non-conventional sources, like iSatori’s Bio-Gro.

iSatori is known for producing other muscle building supplements like ISYMFS and ISA-TEST, and their most popular product to date is Bio-Gro. According to iSatori, Bio-Gro is a protein synthesis amplifier that contains bio-active peptides to support muscle growth. Bio-Gro is also marketed as a part of the new breed of designer sports supplements catering to the select group of individuals who want more out of their workouts.


To say that Bio-Gro has a peculiar source of nutrients is an understatement. According to its supplement facts, its main ingredient is a 1.5g custom engineered, bio-pro, bio-active peptides extracted from mico-concentrated colostrum.

Yes, colostrum. For those of you who do not know, colostrum is colloquially called as beestings, or first milk. For humans, it’s the light-brown or yellow colored milk produced prior to giving birth. It’s crucial for newborns to take their mother’s colostrum as it contains important nutrients like immune cells and antibodies, as well as a laxative effect to help clear up the newborn’s digestive tract.

Colostrum in supplements isn’t collected from humans, but a huge portion of the colostrum content is sourced from bovine colostrum. While we’re perfectly okay with drinking cow’s milk, drinking bovine colostrum is a totally different deal. Colostrum was first used before antibiotics to fight infections, and when more antibiotics became available, colostrum was simply cast aside for the more-effective antibiotics.


The recommended dosage for iSatori Bio-Gro is 2-3 servings twice daily. At maximum intake, you would be taking 15 grams of colostrum a day, which is still 5 grams short of the recommended dosage of colostrum for athletes. Also, the serving information is a bit misleading, since one serving is supposed to represent one intake for the supplement. To put it simply, one tub of 120 servings can only equal to 40 actual servings, which is only good for 20 days.


When taken as recommended, Bio-Gro can cost $2.50 per day (3 servings, 2 times per day) or $1.60 (2 servings, 2 times per day). This is assuming that you would buy their offer that would get the most savings, which is 120 servings at $49.99


Simply put, Bio-Gro is just too expensive for just a small advantage in muscle growth. The small margin in muscle recovery can be easily achieved by taking the best muscle building supplements like NitroGenix 365. If you’re looking for an awesome source of IGF-1, then you’re better off with deer antler velvet supplements like Deer Antler Maximum Strength.


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