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Is There Sex in Life After Kids?

by healthymensinfo
Is There Sex in Life After Kids?

The facts are that a lot of us are holding on until later life to dedicate time to have children. We are enjoying being young while we can!

Now the missus has just had a baby and alright it is insensitive to be trying to negotiate love making right away, but how long should you wait? How long can you wait?

Life used to be very different, and you were able to go all night (how do you think the child managed to arrive here?)

But once there is a little one on the scene, the future of your sex life starts to look bleak.

Is this the end?

Finding time

OK – every baby is different, but not all of us are blessed with a baby that sleeps all through the night. Life is going to be tiring, to say the least, of course! You have a new person to think about that solely relies on you.

When you are putting all your energy into your new bundle of joy, there really isn’t much left over. You also have to support your partner who just did a hell of a lot of work, carrying the baby around for nine months and then enduring birth is a heavy impact physically and emotionally.

Supporting a hormonal partner

Without a doubt, there are going to be many changes, and this is not at all easy.
However, if you understand that your wife is going to be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, it is easier not to take things so personal and deal with anything she may throw at you.

She has a lot on her plate as a new mother and will need all the help she can get.

The best thing you can do for you partner after having a child is to be patient and wait until she is ready before you consider rebooting your sex life. Remain healthy and look after yourselves.

Just take a deep breath now and then and hold it together. You can do this!

Kindly accept help

If anyone tries to offer a hand, be it a family member or friend, let them do it! But make sure that you direct them well, the last thing you need is for someone to barge in and start taking over. Be sure to inform them that it’d be good to receive a cooked meal now and then or have them do your laundry.

It is utmost important to remember that you need to take the responsibility of becoming parents and allow others to do the job for you. These people can simply assist by offering to leave you the time to relax as a couple, doing the jobs that you would have to manage in between caring for your child.

Keeping up the energy

You think a newborn is difficult – wait until they start gaining teeth. Then you have them starting to walk and after that then . . .

Basically. you are going to need to stock up your energy. Did you know that you can achieve high energy levels without drugs or coffee?

Try male enhancement pills

Now here is the secret . . . Natural herbs that are specially designed into supplements have several benefits. First off, they will boost your energy levels without dodgy side effects; on top of this it is a way healthier solution than caffeine, AND they counteract the fact that testosterone levels begin to drop, once you reach between the ages of 30 – 35.

You have been so busy, have you even remembered why you are reading this? Have you even thought about the effects of looking after everyone and becoming tired has done to your sex drive? Didn’t think so!

Supplements that will revive your libido

That’s right! You can boost testosterone (which is the male hormone that assists in muscle formation i.e. builds strength!)

And also, testosterone is what gives us our natural male urges – it doesn’t matter how tired we get! We still have the energy to perform our love to our partner.

Bringing back the love

After you have brought a new life into the world and settled into the routine of being a family – things might get tough with finding the time to be once again intimate with each other as a couple, (especially with a new person in the room, most of the time).

Seize the moment


Having a child can be particularly draining of parent’s energy and not leave much time to dedicate to an intimate relationship. Enhancement pills can help assist your motivation throughout the day and for that important quality time you share with one another whenever you get the chance.

The truth is that: baby is going to sleep, so there are opportune moments to jump to the chance.

“I just want to sleep at this time!”

My friend, by incorporating male enhancement supplements as a part of your daily routine you shouldn’t have this problem to squeeze some lovin’ in there.

“That was my partner speaking, not me!”

Sorry, my bad. Well, the solution here is that as long as she is ready and she is really is just tired – then why not grab some female supplements to help assist her?

There is no harm in admitting that either of you may need a little boost and so by taking anything that is specially designed using only plant based organic extracts then you are making a conscious decision to better your lives without taking the risks of digesting man-made chemicals that are prescribed by the doctor.

Medical assistance

Is only really necessary if you have tried everything else and it didn’t work. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, meaning keeping up a nutritious diet and regular exercise then there is no reason why enhancement pills wouldn’t work! However, if you feel that you still lack in energy and libido, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional.

If you would like to know more with regards to natural supplements that are available click here to view information and reviews of top quality products.

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