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Is Our Relationship On The Brink?

by healthymensinfo

As time goes by we as people can grow apart. It is nothing to be ashamed about; it is just better to address the situation and either sort out or move on!

There could be a variety of reasons that the relationship has started to feel ‘flat’ but is this something that can be fixed? Is it a big deal if it not fixable?

There is only one way to find out . . .

Talk about it!

1Going through life and being ignorant of reality is one way to go about things – and some of us do just that! Before you know it you are 50 and your whole life just passed you by. And are you happy? Are you hell!

Although it may be difficult to address your feelings, in the beginning, it certainly is better to discuss our preferences and expectations when it comes to making a relationship work. Plodding through life in silence is not going to improve any situation, try your best to open with your partner.

But what could you have done to make the most of life? Can talking and communicating really be the key thing to living together in bliss? And if so then why the hell do we find it so hard to gather our thoughts and say these things out loud? What are we so scared of?

Overcoming pride

Some of us are too proud to admit our feelings. We hold expectations – assuming the other person knows what they are without ever talking about them, which seriously damages a relationship.

Bite the bullet and just say it how it is! What have you got to lose? Having expectations of one another without discussion is a one way street to a dead end. Neither one of you are mind readers so without communication you may as well bang your head against a brick wall!

Don’t hold back

You only live once and how are you going to get what you want in life or understand each other if you are too busy pussyfooting around trying not to hurt each other’s feelings or upset your own pride? There is consideration, and then there is just being ridiculous.

Of course, try to stay calm and not be vicious – but still if something’s up, then lay it out there! Leaving things to build up and bottling anything up only has negative consequences for you both. It does not matter how big or how little an issue is, the more you stay quiet, the worse the situation becomes.

Eventually, something will tip you over the edge and all of a sudden everything that has been bothering you for the whole time have piled up and before you know it, it is spilling out over the edge and all coming out at once. Explosive arguments and conflict be an overwhelming experience for you both and cause unnecessary trauma and hurt.

Deal with it!

After you have both said everything that you need to say, and then you must come up with a solution. Change only comes about if you are willing to put in the time and effort. And if something isn’t right then it most definitely needs altering!

Implement changes

There comes to a point where words are just that and nothing more than, well – words.

Actions speak much louder on occasions like this. Of course, the words are better to be said than left unspoken, but they have to have real meaning, and this is where you must prove their truth by acting upon them. How can a promise be respected if there are no obvious efforts as part of the package?

Do your best

It’s all you can do! At least you can walk away (if needs be) and say that you tried. Otherwise, you cannot expect things to get any better. It really is quite simple. If an intimate connection has faded out and you have been through this more than once already, then it is better to admit that you have done all you can to save the relationship and call it a day.

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Staying together VS Separating

Some of us live in fear of keeping it together while others are adult about breaking up; discuss matters and eventually part. But why do couples find it straightforward while others find this process extremely tough?

Be logical

Do what make you both happy! If staying together, you find, is making you both very miserable – and then seriously ask yourselves why you are putting yourselves through this!

Some couples believe it is better for their children and have significant reasons for perusing some form of negotiation – but is it healthy, will the kids actually respect that you have endured something as opposed to walking away from something that is not working to find something that does? You decide which a better lesson is.

Decide what is best

If you do not have children then who are you affecting? What is stopping you from being free? Why hold onto something for the sake of it?

It is not the end of the world if your relationship fails. It is, in fact, incredibly brave to face it head on and confront that matter as opposed to ignoring it to stay together simply for the sake of it! If you have tried everything, including boosting your sex life by using natural enhancements and this still doesn’t fix problems, move on!

The ‘letting go’ part is an awkward phase to endure, but it is short in the long run. Sometimes sticking it out is causing nothing but self-torture on both behalves and for what? You are just ignoring the truth and living a lie which effectively is resulting in misery.

Sometimes it is best to face things head on, come to an adult decision to not ‘drag-it-out’ and swiftly accept what has happened.

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