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Is MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar Effectual?

by healthymensinfo

About Combat Crunch Bar

Combat Crunch Bar is a new protein bar courtesy of the company MusclePharm. This product claims to help users boost their energy levels. The product comes from the company’s prominent powder, the Combat Powder, turning it into the form of a protein bar in order to be eaten expediently.

Since the Combat Protein Powder has succeeded in acquiring the customers’ trust mainly because it works, we have our hopes high to the new product Combat Crunch Bar. Hopefully it works just like the product where it was modeled from.

Is MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar Effectual?

Combat Crunch Bar Taste

This product is viable in various flavors, which include the following:

Chocolate brownie
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Chocolate peanut butter cup
Cinnamon twist
White chocolate raspberry
Cookies and cream

Reviewing these flavors, the taste is pretty good. The flavorings aren’t dry and the texture of the bar doesn’t crumble. The sweetness of the flavors is just enough. Of course, it has a bit of crunch since it’s a crunch bar, but it’s not that bothersome.

Combat Crunch bars are baked with low sugar and don’t have gluten, which is why the flavoring and the consistency are just right.

Combat Crunch Bar Price

The drawback of new products being introduced in the market is their costs. The same can be said to Combat Crunch Bar, which costs $41 for a package containing 12 bars. The good news is that it’s available in other online retailers. If you’re able to find the greatest deals you can purchase the item for not more than $20. For instance, you can buy it from BodyBuilding.com for $29.99 plus $3.99 for the shipping. You can also buy Combat Crunch Bar from eSupplements.com for $28.95, including free shipping. The latter seems to be the better deal, but they only have four flavors available. BodyBuilding.com, on the other hand, sells Combat Crunch Bar in pieces or bars in addition to selling in boxes. With this pricing, you’re paying about $2.40 per Combat Crunch Bar.

Is MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar Effectual?

Protein Content

A bar of Combat Crunch Bar has 20 grams of protein. Its manufacturer selected to go for protein isolate rather than the standard concentrate.

Whey isolate is the most wholesome form of protein, which reaches up to 98% of pure protein and becomes assimilated within four hours. This is deemed to be ideal protein for those athletes who want to control their consumption of carbs and fat, as well as those people who are lactose intolerant.

It’s great the isolate was preferred over concentrate as the former has higher content of protein than the latter. Going for concentrate instead of isolate would mean that the product would have reduced protein content by 30 percent. And that’s not beneficial for users who naturally would prefer the purest form of protein.

What’s the Final Verdict?

When it comes to protein bars, it’s better to go for the ones that contain high-quality protein in sufficient content or doses. This way you’re ensured that you’re aided in your road to building a better physique. After all, you’re spending your hard-earned money and you don’t want to go it to waste by buying the wrong brand.

Combat Crunch Bar is easy to eat since it’s a protein bar. There’s no need to prepare it, so it’s pretty much handy and mobile. It’s also great that it has a lot of flavors, which are all incredible with great taste and concentration.

The only issue customers will probably have on Combat Crunch Bar is its steep cost. But a lot of consumers are willing to spend more if it means getting better quality products.

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