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Is Legion Pulse Safe and Effective?

by healthymensinfo
Is Legion Pulse Safe and Effective?

Getting to Know Legion Pulse

This dietary supplement that’s used prior to workouts asserts that it contains all the important amino acids in dosages that are clinically supported. The results are said to be a premium kind of energy rush, enhanced physical performance, and extraordinary endurance. And the best thing is that all these can be achieved without relying on synthetic sugar substitutes or useless fillers.

However, part of the industry’s reality are many companies making unsupported claims on their products, asserting of the presence of potent ingredients when there are none. Legion Pulse intends to change this scenario into a better, more credible reality. The question is, did they achieve their objective?

Getting to Know the Process

Improve muscle strength

Legion Pulse helps in providing increased energy and stamina for working out courtesy of totally safe and natural components brought in efficient dosages. The said dosages have clinical verification. Expected outcome are as mentioned boosted energy, blood circulation, muscular fortitude, and concentration. Legion Pulse also helps to avoid or lessen feeling weakened and tired. Actually, the maker of this supplement states that 1 scoop of their product is double the potency of even the ingredients of even their greatest competitors.


Here are the celebrated ingredients that make Legion Pulse so awesome, as claimed by its manufacturer:

Sodium 150mgStevia leaf extract

Potassium 300mg

L-Citruline Malate 8,000mg

Beta-Alanine 4,800mg

Betaine Anhydrous 2,500mg

L-Ornithine HCl 2,200mg

Stevia Leaf Extract 400mg

Caffeine 350mg

L-Theanine 350mg

This product is available in a single flavor (fruit punch). Fortunately, the sweetener used her is 100% natural (Stevia). It’s also free of any dyes or fillers.

When using it for the first time, your tolerance for the supplement has to be created first. Thus, the recommended usage in the beginning is only 1 scoop to 8-10 ounces of water. After working on your tolerance, you can increase it to 2 scoops. Ideal intake of the product is 30 minutes before doing your workout routine.

Knowing the Pricing and Refunds

Acquiring the product straightly from the company costs $39.97 a bottle.

Meanwhile, there isn’t information available indicating its refund policies. Calling the company at 855-645-5305 cleared this up. The customer agent clarified that there’s indeed refund of up to 3 months for those unused products inclusive of the shipping.

Can Legion Pulse Live Up to its Promise?

If you think about the not-so-pleasant image of similar products in the industry, it also makes you question Legion Pulse’s authenticity. To be sure, it’ll help if you consider a couple of factors as listed below:

Clinically-Proven Ingredients

Although the ingredients can be backed-up by clinical tests, this doesn’t extend to Legion Pulse itself. It means that the ingredients are clinically verified to be effective, but not Legion Pulse.

Also, Legion Pulse’s formula is not proprietary. What does it mean for users? It means that you can know that exact amount of every ingredient that you’re having.

Customer Testimonials and Customer Service

Surprisingly, Legion Pulse’s reviews online are mostly positive considering it is only available through Amazon and the company website. The complaints, on the other hand, tackle about its under performance, horrible taste, and side effects. The side effects are mostly skin irritation, such as rashes and itching. Plus, due to the caffeine in the formulation, other users complain about feeling anxious.

These unhappy customers often compare Legion Pulse with Cellucor C4 Extreme. It’s also important to consider your sensitivity to stimulants as this can make you feel like Legion Pulse’s kick is comparable to a cup of coffee.

However, it’s nice that Mike Matthews, the man behind Legion Pulse, thoroughly read all the reviews on Amazon. He consoled disgruntled users by offering either a replacement or a complete refund.

Final Recommendation

Legion Pulse and other similar products are no solution for an unfit and unhealthy body. Only you and your disciplined self can do something about it. As posted on the website, “Supplements don’t build great physiques. Dedication to proper training and nutrition does.” But if you’re struggling with working out because you easily get tired, then Legion Pulse can help you by boosting your energy and improving you muscle endurance.

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