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Instant Knockout Review – All you need to know  

Instant Knockout Review – All you need to know

Instant Knockout Thermogenic Fat Burning Supplement Review

Instant Knockout is a fat-burning thermogenic supplement that combines B-vitamins with stimulants to help achieve a fat burning effect. Instant Knockout is marketed as an all-natural supplement that is specifically formulated to avoid adverse side effects, which is quite common with fat burners. According to its manufacturers, Instant Knockout is designed to burn fat through its thermogenic ingredients while subsequently suppressing the user’s appetite.

It’s no secret that fat burners rely heavily on caffeine, and Instant Knockout is no different. In fact, Instant Knockout has about 150% more caffeine than the average fat burning supplement. The amount of caffeine on Instant Knockout is certainly no joke, as many of its customers experience the side effects of caffeine. In this review, we’ll determine if Instant Knockout rightfully justifies the excessive caffeine on its formula by exhibiting impressive fat burning results.


Instant Knockout contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6 5mg
  • Vitamin B12 10mcg
  • Cayenne Powder 100mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • Green Tea Extract 500mg
  • Green Coffee Extract 100mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 10mg
  • GTF Chromium 100mcg
  • Caffeine 350mg

Vitamin B6 and B12 are common ingredients of B-complex vitamins. B-vitamins keep our bodies like well-oiled machines by taking care of our nervous system as well as our circulatory system. Instant Knockout contains Vitamin B6 as its ingredient to reduce inflammation, while B12 promotes the production of healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. In comparison, these ingredients are quite easy to come by as many multivitamins already have these on their supplement profile.

Caffeine is a mild stimulant, but if taken in excess of 250mg, its effects can be quite intense. In comparison, a brewed cup of coffee can contain about 75-100mg of caffeine, and taking caffeine from Instant Knockout can feel like drinking 4 cups of coffee all at once. Users of Instant Knockout could experience intense palpitations, hypertension, headaches, and insomnia because of its caffeine content.

Green tea extract and green coffee extract are both great antioxidants. Green coffee bean extract is shown to improve metabolism, as well as to kickstart lipolysis in the right doses.

Collectively, these ingredients show that majority of the ingredients included in Instant Knockout are readily available through other, much cheaper sources. In comparison, taking Instant Knockout daily is just like taking your daily multivitamin plus taking four cups of coffee – which are relatively cheaper than the price per dose of Instant Knockout.

There are no signs that Instant Knockout is an effective appetite suppressant, though we’re not closing our doors on studies that would prove us wrong. Our experience with fat burners simply tell us that there’s nothing much on Instant Knockout’s formula (dosage-wise) that would affect the user’s appetite.


If you can tolerant to most stimulants, then you might want Instant Knockout for that extra kick. Otherwise, just skip it. There’s nothing that stands out from this product aside from that really crafty fist-shaped bottle. You’re better off with the best fat burning pills like LipoGenix Elite which gives you the best bang for your buck.


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