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You Could Be Hypersexual If You’re Addicted to Sex

by Healthy Mens Info Staff
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            Do you find it hard to stop engaging in sexual behaviors even when you know there may be negative consequences? Men who are hypersexual often find it difficult to do so, even when their sexual activities are already interfering with their relationships and daily responsibilities.

            Hypersexual disorder refers to a pattern of behavior wherein a person exhibits an inability to control excessive, and often problematic, sexual urges, sexual behaviors, and even sexual fantasies. Read on to learn about hypersexuality and find out if you’re addicted to sex.

Overview of Hypersexual Disorder

            In the past, terms like nymphomania and Don Juanism were used to describe behaviors that were indicative of sex addiction and excessive sexual drive. At present, experts use the term hypersexuality.

            These terms basically all mean the same thing. Simply put, your sexual behavior is already out of control. And hypersexuality isn’t just about your overt sexual behaviors. It also includes your sexual urges and sexual fantasies.

            In truth, though, hypersexual disorder is not yet included the psychiatrists’ handbook. That’s mainly because there’s not yet enough empirical evidence to allow the experts to agree on the exact definition of hypersexual You Could Be Hypersexual If You’re Addicted to Sexdisorder. It doesn’t mean though that since there’s no official definition yet, that the disorder doesn’t exist.

            It has been proposed that hypersexual disorder should be categorized as a type of sexual desire disorder that includes impulsiveness as one of its components. This conceptualization of hypersexual disorder has been found to be valid and appropriate when it was tested on patients in a clinical setting.

            For now, the term sex addict is often used to refer to someone who is compulsively pursuing sexual activities, despite the risks of negative consequences. Such sexual activities may range from excessive masturbation to serious risky behaviors like exhibitionism.

Symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder

            A person may be suffering from hypersexual disorder if he or she shows any of the following symptoms for at least 6 months. One of the most common symptoms of hypersexuality is that the person usually has recurrent sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors.

            Another symptom pertains to the time spent on sexual fantasies, sexual urges, or sexual behaviors. If you spend so much time doing these things, to the point that you start neglecting your obligations and other important activities, then you may be a candidate for hypersexuality.

            People suffering from hypersexual disorder usually try to curb their excessive sexual proclivities, but often to no avail. They may sometimes feel shame or guilt about what they’re doing and may try to hide their perceived addiction.

            In addition, a person who has hypersexual disorder often actively engages in sexual behaviors without any consideration for any possible emotional or physical harm such behaviors may bring upon himself or to others. They’re usually aware that their sexual proclivities are uncontrollable, which is why many seek medical help.

            Moreover, the intensity or frequency with which the person seeks or pursues excessive sexual behaviors, sexual urges, or sexual fantasies often cause impairment in their daily functioning. Hence, a hypersexual person may exert too much energy and time trying to obtain sex, engaging in sexual activities, or recovering from such activities.

            A hypersexual person may be obsessed with or addicted to being in a relationship or attracting others. This sometimes leads to a string of relationships. However, hypersexual persons may suffer from detachment, such that their relationships and sexual activities do not give them any emotional satisfaction.

Activities Tied to Sexual Addiction

            Sexual addiction or hypersexuality is not limited to just one compulsive or excessive sexual behavior. A sexually addicted person may engage in compulsive masturbation. Triggers may vary, and the person may engage in such compulsive sexual behavior with or without the use of porn.

            However, persistent and excessive use of pornography is also considered a type of sexual addiction if such activities already take too much of the person’s time or interfere with his daily life. If you’re watching porn for more than eight hours a day, for example, that’s already like having a second full-time job.

            Exhibitionistic disorder refers to the compulsive and uncontrollable urge to show one’s genitals or sex organs to someone, usually a stranger or non-consenting person. Exhibitionism is one of the many types of risky sexual behaviors that a sexually addicted person may engage in, without any regard for possible legal consequences.

            Voyeuristic disorder is another type of paraphilic sexual disorder. People who engage in voyeurism get sexually aroused when they’re spying or peeping on people who are getting undressed, naked, or are engaging in sexual activities.

You Could Be Hypersexual If You’re Addicted to Sex            Other examples of activities sexually addicted persons practice include excessively or compulsively engaging in cybersex, having multiple affairs or one-night stands, prostitution, and even practicing unsafe sex.

            Engaging in these activities once or twice doesn’t make you an addict, but if you frequently participate in these activities because you feel an uncontrollable urge to do so, then you may want to consider visiting a psychiatrist.

            If you’ve experienced asking yourself whether you’re a sex addict or not, there’s actually a fine line between sexual addiction and a healthy enjoyment of your sexuality. There are two key differentiating factors. If you find it uncontrollable and if it’s causing an interference in your daily life and relationships, then you should seek help.

Enjoying Your Sexuality in a Healthy Manner

            Enjoying your sexuality is not a bad thing, as long as what you’re doing isn’t causing any harm to others or to yourself. Even if you’re having sex with your partner more than three times a day, if you both have the time for it and it doesn’t mess up your schedules or prevent you from performing your job at work, then good for you.

            That’s not a sexual addiction, that’s simply an enviable healthy sex life. And if you want to maintain having such an intense sex life, you should try one of the most potent male sex enhancement supplements today.

            This contains herbs such as maca, muira puama, Tongkat Ali, damiana, and horny goat weed. These natural ingredients can help boost your sexual stamina, increase your libido, as well as enhance your erectile function.

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