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Hugegenic Reviews

Grade: 91 (Highly Effective)

Hugegenic’s message is clear and concise: by incorporating this product into your daily routine, you’ll see a higher libido, higher sex-drive, and increased erection and penis quality.

This product was designed to be an all-in-one male enhancement product, and with its list of all-natural herbs that have been studied to show monumental increases in sexual health, our lab technicians were standing by to receive our data to test.

With such a promising list of sexual health enhancements for males, does Hugegenic deliver?

The Effectiveness

With claims like “fuller and stronger penis,” “more confidence,” and “more sexual adventure and stamina,” we were excited to test these claims in our medical office to see if this product did exactly what it said it would do.

The ingredients include L-Lysine, Maca, Ginseng, and Zinc, which all contribute positively to a man’s sexual health, as they contribute to the increase in libido, increase in sex-drive, and overall increase of penis length and girth. This is due to the increase in blood flow to the two chambers of the penis and increase in free testosterone.

This contraction and dilation of the two chambers inside the penis are the reasons why men see such favorable results to their sexual health.

After one week of conducting tests on Hugegenic, we noted an overall increase in libido by 118%, an increase in penis length and girth of 1.1 inches, and an 87% increase in sexual desire. All of these benefits result from taking one pill every morning with a glass of water.

After three weeks of testing Hugegenic, we noted an overall increase in libido by 117% since day 1, 1.7 inches gained in length and girth of the penis, and a 122% increase in sexual desire. At the end of our testing, we saw an exponential and steady growth to the improvement in the sexual health of 98% of men who tried Hugegenic.

The herbs inside Hugegenic were found to have a potency ratio of 210:1, which is very high. These high-quality herbs are up to 10 times higher than other common male enhancement products. These common, non-effective male enhancement pills show potency ratios of 20:1 or less.

How it Works and What’s Inside

Hugegenic works by using L-Lysine, Maca, Ginseng, and Zinc to balance hormones, increase free testosterone, and promote the overall sexual health of 98% of men who take this product. These ingredients are building blocks to a man’s sexual well-being, and are the #1 reason why this product works as well as it does.

These herbs combine to induce one of the most powerful sexual health boosts we’ve ever seen in a male enhancement product.

This is a highly recommended and highly effective male enhancement product.

The Bottom Line

We review hundreds of male enhancement products each year, and this product ranks among the very best. With a combination of highly effective ingredients with potency ratios of 210:1, men will experience 150% or higher boosts to libido, sex-drive, ejaculate amount, energy, and penis size. We highly recommend that men give this product a try to see if it helps their sexual help. 98% of men recorded that this product was a complete sucess.

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