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How to Stick to Your Fitness Routine

by healthymensinfo

Finding the time to workout can be difficult. Especially if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it and would rather sit in your jamjams and eat pizza or, maybe you wanted to go to the gym, but you’re completely snowed in. What’s a dude to do? Here is how to stick to your fitness routine at all costs.

Over plan

Plan to workout everyday. Look at your schedule for the week and figure out a time slot for each day. Even if it’s just in your head. You KNOW you’re going to bail on one of your sessions. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and pencil in more workouts than you probably should be doing. You might drop two sessions per week, and that’s fine because you need rest days any way, right? See? You’re doing great.

Give yourself options

Going to the gym may be your ritual, but what happens when your roommate needs to borrow your car last minute? There are lots of great at home routines you can get online. Get a kettle bell or some heavy dumbbells and you’ll always be covered on the fitness front.

Keep it fresh

If you know you get bored of things quickly, working out will be no different. Even doing a different at-home workout video everyday is enough novelty to keep someone going. Instead of going to the regular gym, try a rock climbing gym, or Tai Kwon Do or that whole Cross Fit business. You never know, you might find an awesome new hobby.

Invest in your success

Spending a little money on your fitness will keep you motivated. Whether it be on supplements, workout gear, a gym membership or personal training. Doing this will only deepen your commitment and will get you even more pumped up to exercise.

Be flexible

You may have a preference to workout in the morning, or maybe you enjoy working out at night. Either way, you must give yourself options to ensure your fitness routine never fails. There might be a morning where you’re just too tired or maybe you got called into work early. Plan in your head when you can fit in your workout that day, even if it’s at home.

Get a buddy

I’m not proposing you literally exercise side by side, but it’s always good to have a friend who’s on the same path. You will feel even more motivated if you know your buddy is potentially hitting it harder than you. Competition can be a very good thing. If all of your friends are lazy slobs, join an online forum or subreddit that focuses on fitness.

Make it your identity

Talk to everyone you know about your fitness. It will make you even more excited and pumped to get going with it. Don’t be that guy that brags about how much he can bench press though. Stay humble bro.

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