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How to prevent supplement health risks

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Some tips to prevent supplement side effects

The supplement market is a billion-dollar industry that lives off of people who are trying to be in their best shape. With the sheer size of the market, it’s expected that there are some people who would try to make a quick buck off of people who didn’t know better. Taking the wrong supplements can be dangerous to your health, and no matter how information is easily available on the web, there are still some people who fall victim to these shady marketing tactics.

Let’s put it out there – supplements are not 100% safe. Some supplements may cause some side effects, and some are 100% safe until you take another product that interacts with the supplement you just took. Even so, you shouldn’t be hesitant to take supplements. All you need is the right information to help you avoid supplement problems. Here are 5 ways to prevent supplement health risks:

Test tolerance

If you’re taking a supplement that’s loaded with stimulants like Caffeine, Synephrine, or Ephedrine, it’s best to test your tolerance first by taking a half dose of the recommended dosage. Not everyone would react the same way to stimulants. Some are sensitive to stimulants while others are tolerant. Take a half dose and take more to suit your tolerance level.

Check supplement profile

If you’re stacking supplements, make sure that your supplements do not contain the same ingredient. If you’re taking caffeine on one supplement, make sure that all of your other supplements do not contain caffeine. Supplements contain one serving of a supplement ingredient per dose, and taking two different supplements with the same ingredient doubles your recommended dose.

Do not exceed your recommended dose

This one is obvious – do not exceed the recommended dose no matter what your tolerance tells you. Even when you experience tolerance with a specific product, that doesn’t mean that you should double your dose. You shouldn’t make up your own dose under any circumstances. Be mindful about the dosage for your body weight. If you’re concerned about your tolerance, consult a physician or nutritionist first before exceeding your recommended dose.

Check for FDA warnings

The FDA has banned a couple of products because of violations regarding safety and content. Some of the products we’ve come across with are banned because of containing regulated drugs. Some products are banned because they contain banned ingredients due to health hazards. Make sure that you do a quick Google search about a product before making a purchase.

Check online reviews

The best recommendation you could get are in the form of online reviews. Online reviews will give you someone’s first-hand account of their experience with the product. More often than not, these reviews will also tell you about what they have learned when they researched about the product.

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