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How to improve your memory in 5 steps

by healthymensinfo
How to improve your memory in 5 steps

Boost your work productivity with these simple steps

Do you find yourself suddenly forgetting a lot of things? Everyone forgets things occasionally, but memory lapses are something that you shouldn’t take for granted. Memory lapses can be both embarrassing and annoying, but a few slipups don’t necessarily mean that you’re slowly going senile. A few tips and tricks are all you need to help you sharpen your memory.

While it’s common to forget where you left your keys and where you parked your car, a lot of time and energy could be saved if you only knew how to improve your memory. It’s time to jog those loose neurons and get back in the game. Here are 5 steps to improve your memory:

Get some sleep

Do you lack sleep? Studies show that getting a full night’s sleep can greatly improve your cognitive functions including your memory. When you sleep, your brain solidifies the connections between neurons. When studying for a test, or when you’re cramming for some paperwork to be done, it’s best to take a quick nap of about 30 minutes to an hour instead of pulling an all-nighter. On other days, try to get 7-9 hours of total sleep each day.

Play mind games

The brain is just like your muscles – you need to do mental exercises to improve your memory. Studies show that people who enjoy playing mind games have better cognitive function. From games as simple as a crossword puzzle, to complex mind games, as long as you keep your mind active, you’re improving your cognitive function as well as your memory.

Organize your surroundings

When you are in a disorganized environment, you have a big chance of being distracted every time you try to recall something. Fewer distractions enable you to focus on your memory. Try to arrange your stuff in your office desk. Put your tasks in to-do lists. If you frequently forget where you put your wallet and keys, set aside a special area in your place where you would put them whenever you get home, like a key organizer or a trinket holder so you can easily get back to them when you need to.

Be active

Your daily activities greatly help in improving your memory. When you have a sedentary lifestyle, your mind adapts your activities. Fewer daily activities would leave your memory rusty. Go for long walks or go to the gym. Simple exercises would keep your mind active. Cardio exercises also help in improving the blood flow to the brain.

Take supplements for your brain

Some of the nutrients that your brain needs can be found in foods present in your diet. However, to get the best quality of nutrients that your brain needs, you might want to consider taking supplements. Brain Gain is a supplement specially developed to help improve cognitive function and focus. One pill of Brain Gain every day ensures that your brain and memory are both operating in top condition.

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