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How to Give Her the Most Intense Orgasm of Her Life

by healthymensinfo

When she comes hard, you know right away. She pulls the covers over herself, breathes a deep sigh of relief and seems incredibly relaxed and pleased. How do you give her a mind bending orgasm every time? Here is a step by step guide, in chronological order to giving her the orgasm of her life.

Step 1: Make her feel wanted

Make out with her with all the passion you have in you. Make her feel like you want to eat her alive. Undress her slowly. Take off her bra and kiss her breasts lightly. Give them a jiggle and squeeze. Kiss her neck and lick up to her ear while whispering “how badly you want to fuck her”.

Step 2: Target the sensitive areas

Focus on her breasts and ass. Press your mouth over her nipples (no teeth) and purse your lips to hold it in place. Flick your tongue back and forth. This will get her even more wet. Next, massage her ass cheeks and draw up between them every now and then. Get her to lay on her back and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Tease her pussy

Don’t go straight for her clitoris. Kiss her outer labia (outer lips) and start licking between them, but stay away from the upper quadrant. Comment on how wet she is. She will love that. Tease her a bit by sliding your tongue or fingers into her vaginal opening every now and then.

Step 4: Stimulate her clitoris

Start licking through to the upper quadrant. Keep it slow. Each lick should last about 3 seconds. You may notice her jump a bit when you get to her clitoris. This will happen the first few times you touch that area. After about 5 licks, switch to a quicker pace, more of a flicking motion. After about 15 seconds. Go back to the slow licking and then switch back. Slide your tongue into her opening whenever you feel like it, to shake things up. After about 7 minutes, tell her “I need to fuck you now”, like you can’t wait any longer.

Step 5: Continue Stimulation

Throw her legs over your shoulders, this narrows the vagina and makes you hit the g-spot every time you thrust into her. You are continuing stimulation by doing this, since the clitoris and the g-spot are actually connected. Fuck her until you come and then commence to step 6.

Step 6: Finish her off

Hopefully she hasn’t come already. If she has you might just be too good, wink. That stimulation you gave to her g-spot is now making her clit pound. Go right into the tongue flicking from step 4 and alternate with small circles using your fingers to give your tongue a break. Only give a 2 second break if you need to. You will notice her legs tensing up which means she’s ready to come. Don’t stop until she does.

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