How to get your partner in the mood 

Easy tips to heat up your bedroom real fast

For us men, getting from cold to hot is as easy as flicking the switch. For women – not so much. Getting women in the mood for sex is not as easy as it is for us men. For us, it can be anything – one touch, one sexy stare, or something erotic that clouds our mind.

More often than not, men are entirely clueless about how they managed to get into the bed of their partners – but hey, if you can get the job done, then why even question it, right? However, you can’t always rely on luck to get you laid. Learn how to properly get your partner in the mood. Here are 5 crazy-simple ways to get your partner in the mood for sex.

Hit the gym before your date

Hitting the gym before you go out on a date may make you feel spent, but chances are, you’ll attract your partner more. After working out, your body is still reeling with pheromones expelled from sweat, and this may have a positive effect on your partner. Pheromones are odorless chemicals that signal your partner that you are biologically compatible mates, and pheromones linger long after you’ve showered. Try it and let us know how it works for you.

The foreplay of foreplay

Before you get into foreplay, there are things that you can do to send out hints that you’re ready for some hot and steamy sex. Run your hand through her hair, or press your fingers to her thighs. Brush your legs up hers, and she’ll know that you’ll want her. For most women, being desired by their partner, sexually and romantically, can turn them on pretty quickly.

Role play

If you’ve ever read 50 Shades of Grey, you might have a totally different understanding of role play. Role play is anything that would strike your fantasies. Whether you’re a dominant or a submissive, or a teacher and a student, roleplaying gets the wild child out of your partner. Be sure to hammer out the limits of your role play – just to be on the safe side.

Sexy lingerie

It turns a woman on when she knows that she looks sexy in an outfit. When shopping for gifts, sexy lingerie will definitely turn your woman on. She knows what it’s for, and she knows what’s on your mind when you got it for her. Knowing that you had some fantasies playing in your head will definitely make her want to do the dirty deed with you.

Take the best male enhancement supplements

Here’s a weird advice – let her know that you’re taking male enhancement supplements, and more often than not, she’ll be more than willing for a test drive. Male enhancement supplements offer a sexual edge that women rarely experience from men – real, rough pleasure. Take Formula 41 Extreme and see how she responds to the news.