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How to Effectively Avoid Awkward First Sex 

by healthymensinfo
How to Effectively Avoid Awkward First Sex

5 useful reminders for gentlemen who are about to get lucky

Performance anxiety on the first night with a new partner is always a possibility. The mix of excitement, anticipation, and self-doubt can always cast a shadow on your special night. Thankfully, awkward first sex encounters can be avoided by making sure that you are thoroughly prepared for your night – here are 5 tips to avoid awkward first time sex:

Gentlemen’s proper hygiene

The worst thing you can do to yourself is embarrass yourself when it’s go time, and you wouldn’t want her to see something that she’s not expecting when she pulls down your pants. Make sure that you observe proper hygiene before sex. It helps if you can get yourself ready before heading off to bed. Basically, just keep your junk clean at all costs. Knowing that your junk is clean adds a little bit more to your confidence especially when it’s go time.

You’re a bit too old to ask for permissions. 

OK, we’re not talking about forcing her to do things. Sex isn’t your middle school science class where you had to ask your permission to go to the bathroom – it’s sex. Just sex. Do your thing. Stop asking for her permission, but be aware when she declines anything that you do and immediately stop. It just ruins the vibe when you have to stop and ask for her permission every time.

Don’t masturbate before sex

If you masturbate before sex, you’re drastically decreasing your libido before you even hit the bed. Forget what you learned from There’s Something About Mary. Masturbating before sex isn’t a good idea, especially when it’s your first time together. You’ll have difficulties maintaining an erection, and you would find it difficult to get an orgasm. If you really have to get off before your big night, make sure that you’re taking the best male enhancement pills like Libido Booster Extreme to keep your sexual performance in high gear.

Trim your bush

I didn’t include this in proper hygiene because this deserves a column of its own. Trim your pubes – if you’re the shaving-kind-of-guy, then shave by all means. If your junk looks like Chewbacca on your first night, your partner would likely think that yours haven’t been touched for centuries. Also, groovy-long pubes doesn’t make your penis look any bigger, and with pubes that bury your penis in a dark forest, your partner would likely think twice about giving you oral.

Take male enhancement pills

The best way to get ready is by just being ready. Take manliness in a pill by taking the best male enhancement supplements. Taking supplements would give you the means and the mindset to accomplish what you have planned for the night. Choosing the right supplement is also important. Libido Booster Extreme helps you get ready when she’s ready; while Marathon Man Maca 1000 helps you stay longer in bed. For best results, stack ‘em up and see what happens!

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