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How to Approach a Girl Who’s Walking Down the Street Without Being a Creep

by healthymensinfo

It can be incredibly scary to approach a girl on the street especially in the middle of the day. People will stare. It’s like you’re suddenly on stage being judged by everyone who passes by. You don’t want to seem like a “creep”. You don’t want to bother her. She’s probably doing something important. The truth is, you will NEVER know if you don’t try. Here are some tips to keep your creep rating low.

1. Don’t stop her

If she’s pounding the pavement and you come up in front of her and try to stop her she’s just going to keep walking and maybe yell a “sorry I gotta go!”. You don’t want to look like you’re chasing her. That’s not a good idea, especially during the day. Instead walk WITH her. Come at her at about 45 degrees from behind. Match her gait and start talking, but don’t forget tip #2.

2. Don’t ask where she’s going

Not only is this question boring, it could make her uncomfortable. She still has no idea who you are. Instead, explain why you had no choice but to say hello. Maybe she’s interesting to you. Maybe you really like her style. Maybe she’s walking like Beyonce. Whatever it is, make it unique to her. Try not to make statements like “I think you’re cute”. It won’t really make her feel special.

3. Tell her you gotta go

When you start talking, let her know you can only walk with her so far and then you gotta go somewhere. This will put her at ease because she knows there’s a time limit and this rando isn’t going to follow her home. Say you can only talk for two minutes or so. This makes a huge difference in her attitude.

4. Be aware that what you’re doing is a little strange

What you’re doing is kinda crazy, but to make her trust you, you have to call yourself crazy first. A good way to go about it is to say something like “I shouldn’t be walking up to a girl I don’t even know, but I just had no choice, something about you made me do it”. If you make a statement like that, she knows you know and its not as awkward.

5. Have your phone ready

Even better is a pen and paper. Keep that awkward silence when numbers are exchanged to a minimum. When you get to a crosswalk or to her location, say “Hey! Let’s exchange info!”. There’s a bit too much stigma attached to “can I get your number?”. Exchanging info is fun and cute. Don’t ask why, it’s just better and she’s more likely to offer hers if you offer yours. If she says no, don’t offer yours and just accept it as a cool interaction with a random stranger. You built some social skills and she probably had a boyfriend or whatever.

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