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How Poor Posture Affects Your Health

by healthymensinfo

At some point we’ve been reprimanded by our parents or teachers about having poor posture. We’ve heard about its importance, though we don’t really care to know why, until we experience problems like back pains. With technology in our hands we become more inclined to sit all day, not caring the repercussions it can potentially bring in our health and lives in general.

As we become more used to of just parking ourselves with our eyes glued to the screen, we eventually develop poor posture without us even noticing. Before we know it the bad posture becomes our normal one, and it’s now hard to fix it and regain our regular bearing.

But how important is good posture, really? Essentially, aside from making us look dignified, good posture’s importance goes beyond appearance and impression. Sustaining good posture means you’re also supporting the essential placement in your neck and back.

This also means you can keep your spine straight and healthy. Studies have shown that good posture not only makes you look poised, professional, and healthy, it can also help you have more energy, less stress, and prevent exhaustion from wearing you down.

The bottom line is good posture is vital if you want to maintain your physical fitness and it is also a sign that your health is secured. Having poor posture is not only bad for your spine in the present; it can also generate negative consequences in the long run.

Here are the ways poor posture negatively affects your health:

It affects the spinal curve

When you habitually sit or stand with bad posture, one of the negative effects this can bring out is a change in your spinal curve. Naturally, your spine has a certain curve to its shape. But with poor posture, you’re placing your spine under a significant amount of pressure since you’re putting your spin in a position that’s not normal. Such alterations in the spinal curve cannot only produce long-term pain and distress, it can also stop your spine from being able to naturally assimilate shock and sustain appropriate balance.

It’s bad for digestion

How Poor Posture Affects Your HealthMultiple researches have shown that sitting all day long with poor posture can negatively affect your digestive organs. This is because poor posture squeezes your digestive organs, which makes them less capable of functioning normally. This can obviously derail the digestive process and negatively affect your metabolism. In the long run, your digestive organs being condensed due to your poor posture can severely damage your body’s capacity to consume and process food. If you don’t address your posture issue properly, you may find yourself struggling with serious metabolic problems later in life.

Your risk of cardiovascular problems increases

According to studies, people who sit all day with poor posture have a heightened likelihood of forming cardiovascular problems. Since this condition is life-threatening, it can be concluded that poor posture can somehow shorten one’s life expectancy. Another study even found that people who sit most of the time in their daily lives also encountered a 147 percent increase in forming a cardiovascular disease.

More varicose veins

By sitting all day with poor posture, you’re stopping your body from receiving the essential circulation it requires to function normally. This can ultimately generate to the development of varicose veins, which happens more typically in women.

It brings back pain

Chronic back pain and disc degeneration – these are just two of the problems that can arise if you spend a significant amount of time sitting with poor posture. Several people who keep on sitting with bad posture suffer from back pain often with no idea as to why they’re having back problems. The truth is that these problems are often rooted from posture issues courtesy of the additional stress that’s taken a toll on the spine.

How Poor Posture Affects Your HealthIn general, poor posture does not only affect how you look. It brings out health issues that can turn severe if not addressed properly. To avoid developing the problems stated above, put more efforts in taking the time to get up and move during the day. You have a lot of reasons to get up, you just have to actually do it. By being more active, you’re saving yourself from poor posture and the medical risks it will entail in the future.

When you’re sitting, do so properly with your shoulders back and your spine straight. For regular alterations, see a chiropractor to help you resolve your posture issues. If you take the time to undergo these things, you will not only improve your posture, you can also avoid facing serious health risks that’ll come later in life.

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