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How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need?

by healthymensinfo

You know that there are many vitamins that you need if you are going to have more nutrition in your meals and in your daily life as well. Did you know how important Vitamin D is to your health and nutrition? Studies show that this is the best vitamin for fighting off aging, keeping your hormones in check and treating many health symptoms you may have as well. Some people are skeptical that one vitamin alone can make such drastic and positive changes but the truth is Vitamin D can do so much for you. Most people worldwide never get the chance to experience the benefits of Vitamin D because more than one billion people are deficient of this vitamin. If they don’t believe that getting more of the vitamin will help improve their nutrition, they don’t make changes to start experiencing the benefits.

What can Vitamin D help you with?

preview-full-vitamin-d (1)As mentioned, there are numerous benefits you can get from having enough Vitamin D in your daily diet. Some of the many recorded benefits of having enough Vitamin D in your diet is decreased dental health issues, preventing and treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, preventing skeletal and cancer diseases, lowering type 2 diabetes risk and reducing inflammation in the body. This is just a short list of the things that Vitamin D can help you with. You also need to have enough Vitamin D in your body to properly absorb calcium. When you get enough Vitamin D, it can help you lose weight as well.

What happens if you have a deficiency in Vitamin D?

Along with all the benefits of making sure you have enough Vitamin D in your system, there are also some things that happen if you are deficient from this vitamin. Those who are deficient with Vitamin D will have increased risk of lower and upper respiratory infections, higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of having depression too. Being deficient in this vitamin can cause you to have bone health, mood and physical issues.

What needs to be done to figure out if you are deficient with Vitamin D?

If you are deficient with Vitamin D, the only way to tell for sure is to have bloodwork done. If you are deficient from this vitamin, there are some reasons why this may be the case. If you don’t get enough exposure to the sun or you are obese, this could cause a Vitamin D deficiency.

How can you get more Vitamin D in your diet?

If you do have a Vitamin D deficiency or you just need to get a bit more of this vitamin into your diet, there are ways that you can get more of it. You should start by taking in some cod liver oil. This is probably the greatest source of Vitamin D. You can also eat egg yolk, mackerel, shiitake mushrooms, tuna, salmon and other Vitamin D enriched foods. If you are still aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, you may want to add in a supplement that gets you more vitamins such as Ultimate Man Once Daily supplements.

Should you talk to your doctor about this deficiency?

preview-full-vitamin+d+prevents+prostate+cancer+growth (1)If you are having major health issues and you suspect it could be due to a Vitamin D deficiency, then yes you should talk to your doctor about it. However, if you have been eating more Vitamin D enriched foods and the symptoms of the Vitamin D deficiency seem to be going away, you should be fine. If you have any concerns, it never hurts to talk with a doctor about it.

How much Vitamin D do you really need? Well, it all depends on whether you have normal Vitamin D levels or if you are Vitamin D deficient. A blood test will let you know exactly what levels of Vitamin D you have in your system. After you have that figured out, you can determine if you need to be getting more of this vitamin into your diet. If so, you can follow the above advice on which foods to eat to bring more Vitamin D into your diet.


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