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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?  

Are you getting the protein you need?

The protein supplement market is a big business. From protein powders, shakes, bars, capsules, and many different formulas, it’s no wonder that protein powders dominate the supplement scene. However, the decision to use protein supplements is mostly based on hearsay and very few ever really consulted an expert about the right usage and dosing of protein supplements.

The popularity of protein supplements can be attributed to an extremely effective marketing scheme that made everybody want to buy their own tub of protein powders. Slick marketing strategies even allowed supplement manufacturers to sell different types of protein to their consumers with only a handful of people who are really aware of the difference between two protein products.

Do you need protein for bodybuilding?

There’s no doubt that protein supplementation is necessary to get muscle gains fast. Supplementation is your only alternative to a natural, protein-rich diet, which may not even provide your recommended daily protein needs. Since your body is going through changes while you train, your body requires more protein to build, and with that mindset, people were convinced that they needed to buy the best protein supplement they could get their hands on.

The trouble with taking protein supplements is figuring out the proper intake that would fit your fitness goals. All athletes would agree that more muscle is an advantage in their sport, and protein supplementation is needed to promote muscle growth. Unlike what supplement manufacturers would like you to believe, more is not better when it comes to supplements. Consuming more protein than what you really need is a huge waste of money – money that you could have spent on the best supplements for muscle gain.

What is the right dose for you?

Your protein intake should match your fitness goals. For many of us who are simply recreational athletes who occasionally go to the gym to simply look and feel better without the motivation of competition, the intake of protein should be at the lower end of the spectrum. In comparison, your diet may even be enough to supply your protein needs for the day. An average man eats about 1 gram of protein per kg a day, and for a recreational athlete, that would be enough. You would only require supplementation if you would replace the protein source in your diet for a supplement.

In comparison, competitive athletes who need to gain muscle to have an advantage in their sport, would need to take about 50% more than what the recreational athletes take. Those who do intense training intervals would be advised to take fast-absorbing and sustained-release protein sources like BCAA proteins to avoid muscle catabolism.

What you should really be concerned about:

In the end, you really shouldn’t be concerned about your protein supplements because you’re probably getting enough already from your diet. What you should really be concerned about is the nutrients that you’re not getting from your diet. The best supplements for muscle gain contain nutrients that enable your body to build muscles faster. One pill of NitroGenix 365 ensures that your body gets 100% of the nutrients that it needs to build muscles fast and easy.


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