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Hours of Sitting are Putting You Toward an Early Grave 

by healthymensinfo
Hours of Sitting are Putting You Toward an Early Grave

If you’re like most Americans who work a daily 9-5 job, you sit down an awful lot. Almost too much. And while most people are like this, even when they finally get home to relax, they don’t know how much of a negative effect this is having on their health.

Did you know that sitting so much increases your risk of heart disease, kidney disease, bowel cancer, and blood clots by up to 35%? By the time you’re 60, your risk is almost doubled.

Those are really scary numbers, and you should definitely be starting to look at your health habits.

So now that we’ve established that you shouldn’t be sitting down so much (or if you are sitting down so much, at least being active more often), here are some awesome ways that are easy to do that will save your life:

#1 – A Quick Walk Will Do Your Body Good

Most people absolutely hate running. I’m one of those people. But did you know a brisk walk is also quite good for your health? Not quite as good as running, but being active at least is very important.

Walking gets your heart pumping faster and pumping more blood through your body, and this increase the rate at which you absorb oxygen.

This is very healthy for your overall health, and it will only take 15 minutes or so of walking per day if you can.

This can be done on one’s lunch break if they have a long enough one, or you could do this after you get home.

It’s really not that long. 15 minutes to save your life is well worth it.

#2 – Getting Up Once Per Hour is Enough to Live Longer

Getting off the couch or your chair more often, at least for 2 minutes per hour, is enough to significantly reduce your chances of getting heart disease and blood clots.

In addition, this is really easy to do. Most people have at least 2 minutes per day to get out of their chair or couch for a little bit. You could even use this opportunity to get a snack, something to drink, or just go to the bathroom.

The same could be said about your workplace. You should be doing this at work, too.

Use this opportunity at work to converse with your fellow employees, get a coffee, or grab some water.

Plus, you’re probably pretty bored anyway. Why not, right?


These 2 tips will save your life. You absolutely cannot be sitting in one spot all day. Get up and do something about it!

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