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Here’s Why She Isn’t Orgasming For You

Making a woman orgasm is a delicate procedure. While she has the luxury of multiple orgasms, it can be embarrassing if you can’t even give her one. There may be many reasons why you are failing to give her an orgasm, which some are your fault but some can be her own issues too. Understanding how everything functions down there and having a few tricks up your sleeve might help you to get her to the brink.

It’s not you, it’s her

preview-full-Delayed-Ejaculation (1)Some women cannot orgasm. Some women have never orgasmed. It isn’t always about you and what you are doing. This is important to bear in mind. Equally, some women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation, so you can thrust away as much as you want, but if you’re not pressing the button, she’s never going to get there.

Stay on the hood

The clitoris is a very sensitive area at the top of the vagina. It has a little hood over it. Go under that hood and she will likely bad your hand or tongue away. Sometimes this is where men go wrong. You need to stay on top of the hood as the clitoris is so sensitive, as a bunch of raw nerve endings, touching it directly can be like poking a finger with no nail. While you might think you’re giving her a good finger banging, you could actually be causing her pain.

Know where the G-Spot is

Yes, many girls like it deep. However, the G-Spot is not at the top of the vaginal canal. In fact, it is located 2 inches inside on the roof of the vaginal canal. If you reach in with two fingers and stroke, you can actually feel a difference in the texture, with it being a little rougher. With this in mind, you should think about positions which will massage this area, such as ones where your penis points upwards. Equally, try pulling your penis all the way in and out so the head massages the G-Spot.

You make her nervous

Sometimes being a pro in bed can make a girl nervous. A good way to tell is by going down on her. This is such an intimate act that you will see her reaction immediately. If she flinches, be careful and approach with caution, giving her time to warm her up. When a woman is nervous, her body will not let her climax.

You skipped foreplay

Foreplay is extremely important in helping a woman to climax. When you initiate foreplay, it warms the body up, sending blood and electric signals to the genital areas. This encourages them to soften, open and lubricate themselves. If you don’t take the time for foreplay, she might not be ready for sex, meaning that her vagina is dry or too tight, which can be uncomfortable and unenjoyable.

You’re switching it up too much

Women like to try all different positions, but orgasms are not as straightforward for them as they are for men. Men’s orgasms build up and then release. A woman’s orgasm can have peaks and troughs before she gets there. When you get to a position where her breath becomes heavy and irregular, keep doing what you’re doing. It might just take her a little while to get there.

By keeping a close eye on her responses, you’ll know what to do to get her closer to the edge as her body will speak for itself. If it’s going to take a while, you might want to take ‘Sexual Overdrive’ so that you last!


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