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Having Problems with Low Sex Drive? Try These Top 5 Foods to Enhance Your Sex Drive

by John Gibson
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An Overview of Sex Drive

Forget about spending a long time in the bed with your partner or a solid erection if you don’t have a good sex drive. Searching for the ways to spend a long time in the bed with your partner or different sex positions without having a good sex drive is like searching for varieties of food when your tummy is already full. Sex drive can be simply defined as an urge to seek sexual satisfaction. It’s a serious problem when you don’t have enough hunger to have sex.

According to the study, more than 6 out of 10 couples are not satisfied with their relationship, and one of the major causes is a lack of regular sexual interaction. This shows how important it is to have regular sexual interaction with your partner. In order to have regular sexual interaction with your partner, you got to have a high sex drive (libido). Both men and women struggle with low libido due to various causes, such as relationship problems, stress, medical problems, and so on.

The good news is that there are various ways to enhance your sex drive. In this article, we will look at the top foods that can significantly enhance your sex drive.

Top 5 Foods to Enhance Your Sex Drive

The statistics show that the divorce rate in the United States is 6.9 per 1,000 people, and it’s too high. As said in the earlier part of the article, one of the major causes of unsatisfied relationship is a lack of regular sexual interaction. Hence, by increasing your sex drive, there is a better chance that you will have regular sexual interaction with your partner. And, with regular sexual interaction with your partner, you have a better chance of improving your relationship with your partner.

Here are the top 5 foods that can boost your libido.

1. Avocados

fresh avocadoAn avocado is a fruit that contains numerous benefits. It was used as sexual enhancers in ancient times by the Aztecs. It’s very rich in folic acids. This helps to break down the protein in your body to boost the level of energy in your body. Moreover, it’s also very rich in monounsaturated fat, which is a healthy fat that plays a crucial role in increasing hormone production.

It also contains vitamins you need to improve sex drive along with potassium. This will boost your male hormone production that will help you last longer in bed with your partner. Make sure you add avocados to your diet plan.

2. Oysters

Here is good news for those who are crazy for seafood. Oyster is the classic aphrodisiac, and it has been consumed by many people to increase their libido. You should definitely consume oysters if you want to improve your libido. The regular consumption of oysters increases dopamine (a hormone that is responsible for boosting libido) in your body. This seafood is also equally rich in Zinc that is responsible for proliferating sperm production and testosterone.

Some people love the taste of an oyster; some people find its shape quite unusual. There are also many people who find oyster quite erotic.

3. Almonds and Walnuts

Another top food on the list is almonds and walnuts. You can add almonds and walnuts in your snacks. These are very rich in protein. Having almonds and walnuts will significantly boost your stamina. You should definitely have almonds and walnuts before going to bed with your partner. According to the study, consuming almonds can improve male fertility along with sperm count and sperm quality. This is because almond contains infertility-fighting selenium, which promotes blood flow with the assistance of omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Hot pepper

Some people actually love to have hot and spicy vegetables, and it’s a good thing as well. Having hot and spicy vegetables can actually make you feel hot. You can spice up your sex life with the regular consumption of hot and spicy vegetables. The properties of hot and cayenne pepperspicy vegetables are exactly what are required to increase blood flow and circulation. Cayenne and chili peppers are rich in capsaicin (a molecule that is responsible for increasing the hotness of the pepper). It helps to boost the level of endorphins in your body.

Having a high level of endorphin in your body helps to make you happy, and it will also make you feel frisky. You don’t need a specific food to add hot pepper. You can add hot pepper in your soup and different vegetables as per your choice. Both you and your partner should eat something spicy before going to bed. It will help you both feel sexier in bed.

5. Chocolates

The final food on the list is dark chocolates. You can start searching for your favorite chocolates in the market. Gifting chocolate to your partner is also not a bad choice. There are two advantages of gifting chocolate. Your partner will feel special, and the libido of your partner will be increased as well. The compound, called phenylethylamine is found in the chocolate. This compound is found in the minds of the people who are in love.

When a person consumes chocolate, the serotonin (the same hormone released by the body while having sex) is released by the body. However, you should be careful while selecting chocolate. You should choose a chocolate that contains more than 60% cacao.


If you don’t have regular sex with your partner, you don’t only degrade your relationship status, but you also miss out on exploiting the benefits of having sex. The study shows that regular sex could even improve memory in women. In addition to the improved memory, there are plenty of other benefits of having sex. You should do each and everything you can to improve your sex life. Having a good diet combined with exercises will further enhance your libido.

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