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How to Handle Your Girl While She’s on Her Period

by Healthy Mens Info Staff
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Periods are utterly annoying, and I’m not talking about those punctuation marks that end most sentences; I’m talking about that pesky bleeding that women experience each and every month (or almost each and every month).

They’re not only annoying to women, they’re also annoying to the men. Why? Well duh, because the men are the ones that have to deal with the wrath of their lady while she’s bleeding out.

But every woman is different. Some have painful cramps, others have severe cravings, and still others get extremely emotional. You need to be prepared. And, you need to take it like a man and make sure you do everything and anything in your power to get her stabilized (although, don’t tell her you’re trying to stabilize her, because then she’ll think something’s ‘wrong’ with her).

My suggestion would be to start by easing her irritation and discomfort. Remember, you’re enduring the wrath of her symptoms, but she’s the one experiencing the symptoms. If you focus on easing these aspects of her period, you’ll avoid a lot of meaningless fights and tears in the long run.

Once you’ve adopted this mechanism, check out the other tips I have for your use. Not all women are the same, as I’ve stated above. But figure your lady out and move forward with the guided list accordingly.

Don’t point out her symptoms.

woman on her period eating chocolateAs a woman myself, I do not like it when guys point out that I’m a raging bitch. And, I get even more aggravated when guys either assume I’m on my period because of the way I’m acting, or guess correctly that I’m on my period (that makes me feel worse about myself).

If you feel like your girl is being a little extra moody lately, ask her what’s going on. There’s nothing wrong with figuring the situation out; There’s everything wrong with assuming it’s due to her period.

Remember, assuming will get her angry and will make her feel as if her feelings are invalid. This is a huge no-no!

Stay away from surprises while she’s on her period. 

When your lady is on her period, she is more likely to have emotions like anxiety and depression arise. This means you do not want to spring a surprise on her. Surprises provoke emotions, and while she’s on her period, these emotions may not mix appropriately with the surprise you give her.

Instead, wait until she is clear of her period. That way she can respond to the news in an appropriate way and with a sane mind.

Also, if you have any questions or problems that require a big decision to be made, put the pause button on these, too.

But please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to withhold things from her that will make her feel better. For example, buying candy and flowers, or cooking her favorite meal, is not considered a surprise. This will make her feel better. Do it! You’ll be off the hook for all that anger and rage she may be experiencing, too. The things you should avoid buying are things like vacations, cars, expensive electronics, and new appliances.

Hang out at home for the week. Limit going out.

How to Handle Your Girl While She’s on Her PeriodThis may be hard to do if you’re big on social gatherings, but stay home with her for a week or so (or at least until she feels better and her symptoms subside). Just because she’s not feeling into the whole social butterfly role, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to spend time with you. Make her happy and take the week off from social activities with her.

Keep in mind that every woman is different, though. Some women still like to go out while they’re on their period, you know, to get their mind off of it. But if this is the case, make sure you check in with her before you make definite plans, she may be having a hard time on a certain day (and it’s better to be safe than sorry).

Try to stay away from events where she’ll have to dress up, as she’ll likely be bloated. This will make her feel uncomfortable in almost every outfit she tries on. Also, try to stay away from physical outings, like those requiring her to do a lot of movement (e.g. rock climbing, bowling, tennis, etc.). This will make her feel even worse inside.

Don’t judge her diet changes. Accommodate them.

Even if your lady is a woman that works out on the daily, her diet very well may change during the week of her period. She’ll crave comfort food, like chocolate, brownies, cake, ice cream, etc. And, she’ll crave a lot of it, so don’t’ be surprised if she eats an entire pizza by herself.

Don’t stop her from doing this. Even if she ends up a little bloated, it made her happy to have that comfort food. And please, please, please don’t comment on what she eats or drinks. If you avoid commentary, you’ll also avoid fights and arguments.

Here’s a bonus: Go grab her favorite food at her favorite restaurant. Or, go grab whatever she’s craving at the moment, you’ll earn some brownie points.

Keep in mind, she may complain about gaining weight while she’s on her period. Instead of stating why she’s gained the weight, or how she could have potentially gained the weight, take her for a nice walk (if she’s up for it). The fresh air will be good for her body during this time. And, it’ll help improve her mood, too.

Try to remember these tips for the next time she’s on her period. This is your starter/life saver kit. Keep it with you always; Try to memorize it if you can! Good luck guys.


By Jenny Lyn

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