Formula 41 Extreme

Formula 41 Extreme Review

Grade: 98 (Extremely Effective)
Formula 41 Extreme is a new male enhancement supplement that has recently caused a good amount of buzz across the nation. This is impressive in itself as the male enhancement industry has grown to a $700 million-a-year sector according to data retrieved from IRI Market Research. The big shift occurring nowadays is that natural supplements are trying to take the place of pharmaceuticals that cause damaging side effects. The only problem with this is that it has opened the door for people to make mediocre products to make a quick buck in light of all this growth. This is NOT the case with Formula 41 Extreme.
As is our job, we took it upon ourselves to give this supplement a try and review it for our readers. After our trial with the product we can say with assurance that this product is changing the game of male enhancement as we know it. Not only did our testers experience a boost in libido almost immediately but throughout the trial all participants experienced serious growth to their penis size. Bottom line: Formula 41 Extreme does everything it promises and more.

Does Formula 41 Extreme Work?

In short: Yes, Formula 41 Extreme definitely works. We had our staff of product testers take this male enhancement in the exact dosage the packaging listed. The recommended dose of this product is two capsules with a glass of water every morning. As far as supplement regiments go this has to be one of the easiest schedules to keep as most of us already had a routine in the morning so we just added this step to it. It was easy on the stomach and none of our testers reported any adverse effects during the entire trial period.
Right off the bat, most of our testers told us that they started experiencing more energy overall after taking Formula 41 Extreme for the first few days. This energy did not cease during the day either as the majority of the testers also mentioned they were ready and raring to go once the evening hours rolled around. This was a common report throughout the entirety of the trial period, but we thought it was a bonus to experience the libido increasing effects so early in the process.
Once a little time started passing into the trial period, our testers began to start seeing the ‘big’ picture. While the results varied from person to person, each of our testers said they experienced some form of growth to their penis size. After the trial was over we saw averages of 1.5-4” of growth. The results seemed to follow a trend of how normally the supplement was taken in the morning; those who kept on the schedule and followed the instructions were delighted to be on the larger end of the growth spectrum by the end of our testing period.
In addition some of our testers were also surprised by other effects that were achieved. First, some testers reported an overall increase in sexual stamina. In particular a few of our testers who at the beginning of the trial said they could only go for one round between the sheets were bragging about their ability to keep going for as long as their partner wanted by the end. Also many noted that there was an increase to the amount of semen produced as well as an increased sense of pleasure upon orgasm. Looking into body chemistry this increase in pleasure was the direct result of this supplement’s dopamine releasing effect.
Overall the number of effects and the extent to which each was experienced lead us to the conclusion that Formula 41 Extreme is by far one of the best supplements on the market today. But we also wanted to delve a bit deeper to see exactly what was causing all of these mind-blowing effects.

The Ingredients Inside Formula 41 Extreme

The makers of Formula 41 Extreme did not cut any corners to make this male enhancement product. The reason we say this is that each ingredient derives from a different part of the world. They did not go the easy route and make the supplement out of things they could grow in their backyard; rather, it seems they took their time with painstaking research on each component that makes this the amazing product it is today.
First off you have to take into consideration the sheer potency of this supplement’s blend. While other male enhancement products’ potency ratios are about 20:1, Formula 41 Extreme sets the bar incredibly higher with an astounding 340:1 potency ratio. Each herb and ingredient used in the blend, after tested, confirmed to be aged at least five years before being deemed worthy for product inclusion. Also the extracts of the ingredients leads us to believe that the extraction process is long and arduous but the resulting supplement shows the process was definitely worth it.
Getting into the specific ingredients of Formula 41 Extreme begins to show why we experienced the effects we did. The first one listed on the bottle was Tongkat Ali (400 mg), a native plant species originating in Asia. Our scientists determined that this plant had been extracted in order to expand the tissue of the penis as the levels of the extract became more prevalent in the bloodstream. This ingredient also attributed to the increased sex drive and stamina that our panel of testers experienced during the trial.
The next ingredient listed was L-Arginine (250 mg). This ingredient is well known to cause blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow throughout the body. This is the main component which increases the ability to achieve and maintain harder erections as the blood flow to the penis is augmented significantly. L-Arginine is also an amino acid and helps build proteins which result in further penis growth during the time taking his product.
Formula 41 Extreme also contains Maca Extract (250 mg) harvested from the maca root, indigenous to South America. It has long been known that this root can be used as an all-natural aphrodisiac and has served this purpose for over 3,000 years. The extracted and concentrated form of Maca Extract used in this supplement serves as a ramp for your sexual drive while complementing and boosting the supplement’s other penis growing properties. Finally the last major ingredient listed is a Ginseng Blend (125 mg). The plant species of ginseng has always been known to be a natural stimulant but this species in particular, referred to as Wild American Ginseng, goes the extra mile to provide extra blood flow to allow the product’s “Instant Expansion” technology to take effect in the penile tissue.
There are a number of other ingredients found in Formula 41 Extreme that work hand-in-hand with the active ingredients to offer maximum results. Some listed are oyster extract (helps boost sex drive), licorice (naturally increases free testosterone levels) and tribulus terrestris (further increases blood flow). After analyzing the exact make up of this male enhancement product it is evident why our testing panel experienced the incredible effects that they did.

The Bottom Line of Formula 41 Extreme

We’ve been in this line of work for a while and we can easily say that Formula 41 Extreme is one of, if not the most effective male enhancement supplement we’ve tried to date. Whether it is the high-quality and researched ingredients used or the amazing effects experienced after using it, all signs point to the same conclusion: Formula 41 Extreme works and it works incredibly.
If you are looking to enlarge the size your penis, your libido or both this supplement is the smart choice for you. Our panel consisted of a range of all ages to assure the effects occurred in men at any point of their life. So whether you’re trying to spice up your marriage by packing some extra heat for your spouse or are young and just want to feel more confident in the bedroom, you have to give Formula 41 Extreme a shot.
Final Grade: 98 (Extremely Effective)