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First Date Ideas that will Cost You Next to Nothing

by healthymensinfo
First Date Ideas that will Cost You Next to Nothing

Dating can be expensive, especially if you’re doing the whole online serial dater thing. Some people go on three, or even four dates per week. You’ll be forking over a pretty penny if you go for the classic dinner and a movie scam. Here are some fun date ideas that won’t make you feel like you’re homeless by the end of the week.

Go to the park

When it’s warm out, parks are awesome. All you need for this date is a tennis ball or frisbee and a blanket for laying/making out on afterwards when you get tired. With all these date ideas, you really need to sell it. Don’t let her find out you’re doing this because you’re cheap. Say that you “need to get out of the house” or “It’s so nice out, we shouldn’t waste it inside”. You also get the added bonus of endorphins being released through all the exercise you will be doing. Both your guards will be down, and that’s when you can get cozy on the blanket. Tell her ahead of time in a text to bring a bag of chips or something if she wants. After exercise, your adrenals want some kind of carb source to refuel. Instead of going for ice cream, you’ll have a snack right there ready to go that you didn’t even have to pay for. Ka-ching!

Go shopping

So I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that girls love shopping. The stereotype is true. We just love to browse and look at potential things to buy. Tell her “Let’s go shopping on “blank” street”. Any girl would be crazy to say no to a shopping trip. It’s just against our nature. If you see something you think would look good on her, tell her and ask her to try it on. Encourage her to pick things out for you as well. You obviously don’t have to buy it, that’s not really what shopping is about for girls. It’s just fun to look at possibilities. Halfway through you can sit on a bench or something and talk. If you do end up buying something, this is the perfect opportunity to invite her back to your house to drop it off and maybe have some time with her alone…

Walk the dog

Even more than shopping, girls love dogs. If you have a friend that has a dog, ask them if you can walk him/her for them on the day of your date. Have the girl meet you at whatever street corner and start walking! This will be so much fun for her and way less boring than just a regular old walk. Much like shopping, any girl would be crazy to turn down an opportunity to walk a sweet little doggy. I’m making us sound like stereotypes, but there is some truth to it! Take the dog back to your house and continue the date there.

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