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Finding Your Partner Has Been Unfaithful

by healthymensinfo

Knowing that your missus has strayed away can be tough, but how do we cope with the situation? Do we forgive and forget or do we play tit for tat? Of course, being deceitful is a break of trust – so is it worth the effort of amending?

There are a number of factors to consider, and although it is hard not to flip out, it is best to sit down and think.

You are not alone

It may feel like the worst thing in the world and at the time nothing else matters. The first thing that pops into your mind would not necessarily be that this has happened to many other people around the world, and it is not something that only you as an individual will suffer.

Sure – it is lousy, but there must be some comfort in knowing that it is not uncommon, and others have got through it before? So you understand that you will too, (no matter which path you choose).

Take a deep breath

Sit down and compose yourself. Initially, anger tends to set in, and when we are dealing with this emotion, we are capable of doing things we regret. What is best is to try and relax by controlling our frustration and not allowing it to control us.

Look at the facts

3a'There will be a number of questions going around in our head, mostly: “Why?”
Realising that your woman has cheated can be a pretty mortifying concept. It is not easy to digest, but the truth is always a relief as opposed to living with deceit. Despite its devastating effects on the relationship try to ensure you look after yourself and keep yourself uplifted.

The truth is what is important on an occasion like this and to not be rational. When you burden yourself with questions that you couldn’t possibly answer, you just end up making yourself more frustrated and upset. Try to keep a clear head and focus on what you do know.

Talk it out

Try and set up a way to be able to sit down, like adults, and actually communicate the ‘ins and outs’ of the whole thing without raising voices and blowing up at each other.

Take it in turns to speak

Ask questions and leave room for answers, even if they are things you do not wish to hear in the response, digest as best you can and allow her to have a chance at sharing her side of the story. If she has any questions for you then now is a good time to ask. But be aware that not all questions have answers and the ones that do, the truth may hurt.

Sleep on it

Having time and space to digest the information is critical at this stage. You may wish to be on your own, and that is OK! Whatever it takes for you to be able to think straight and not make any rational decisions – do it!

Does she deserve a second chance?

Does anyone? The decision is completely up to you – can you handle it?

It just becomes a joke when it is chance after chance and then more fool you.

But giving that first chance is a challenge. Of course, depending on the circumstances is whether or not you can decipher whether she is deserving of the opportunity to make it up to you.

It is not going to happen overnight

3bSo do not expect this to be easier or to make a speedy recover! If you need some time, which is highly likely, then take the time. Space and distance is the best way to heal when it comes to any unfortunate circumstances!

Ridding yourself of mental images can be difficult if your partner has cheated. Find out the fact and move from there, wasting time imagining what happened is putting you through unnecessary mental torture. Try and keep calm in the situation in order to make proper decisions. Look after your health; continue with a good diet, exercise and natural herbs.

Ensure you have the correct amount of space for you because if you do decide to give the second chance but end up rushing into it, then you could continue to stay angry about the situation. If you have anger issues that you can put aside then this is when it then becomes your problem.

It is best to wait it out, until all your negative feelings have subsided before jumping back into ‘loved-up mode.’

Forgiving and forgetting

Remember that trust is built and a thing like cheating is going to damage that bridge significantly. Putting it back together is going to be a careful and conscious effort that times time and energy. She is going to have to prove she is sorry by not doing it again.

Even if you find it easy to forgive, sometimes it is the forgetting part that’s hard. Some of us may never forget once we have been hurt.

Hold your head high

The main thing is to look after you. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, keep active and energised. Try not to have too high expectations. If the relationship doesn’t work out, you want to be able to bounce back quickly!

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Don’t dwell

Dust the dirt off your shoulder and move on. Focus on the positive aspects of life, things get better quicker if you steer clear of negative thoughts. Surround yourself with friends and family for extra support and to take your mind off of thinking about what has happened.

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