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by healthymensinfo
FB Test 1 Reviews

Grade: 88 (Very Effective)

FB-1 Test is a very exciting product on paper. It’s packed with plenty of ingredients that are sure to deepen your sex life.

This is the very reason why we were so excited to give this pill a shot. Would it make our readers much more sexually active? Would it allow them to have fuller, richer sex lives?

We ran a vast number of tests to find out if this product lived up to its name. How did FB1-Test turn out?

The Effectiveness

We weren’t too sure, initially, how FB1-Test would do in our tests, and this is mostly due to its relative obscurity in the male enhancement market.

Much to our surprise, though, they were telling the truth the whole time. This pill DOES make your sex life much, much better. Our tests confirmed in a double-blind trial that this pill increases your libido, sex-drive, penis size, and erection quality by over 200%.

The reason why you see such an amazing increase in libido, sex-drive, energy, and determination is the extremely potent all-natural ingredients that naturally increase free testosterone and testosterone, as well as blood flow to the muscular system, which includes the penis. This increase in blood flow releases nitric oxide which initiates spasms in the muscle tissue, which increases the size of the muscles in each group.

Not only did we record a massive jump in sex-drive, but libido also increased exponentially, and erections were of a much higher quality. In addition, there was also a significant increase in energy levels, resulting in much better sexual performance.

All of these results were after three weeks of studies. Our final penis measurements noted an overall increase of 1.5 inches in length and girth of the penis.

How it Works and What’s Inside

FB1-Test works so well because it combines aged and incredibly potent herbs (200:1 potency ratio) into each pill that they make. This allows your body to produce more free testosterone and increase its blood flow to the penis, giving you an all-natural libido boost and erection quality increase.

This powerful blend of herbs is exactly why our readers will experience a 99% satisfaction rate with FB1-Test.

The Bottom Line

This is one of the most effective and overall fantastic products we’ve ever tested. With a 200% increase in libido, sex-drive, penis increase, and energy level increase, the results speak for themselves. We’re confident that men who try this product will benefit quite well from its pharmaceutical-grade all-natural properties. So not only is this product very effective, but its herbs are of the highest quality out there. We highly recommend this product.

Our Final Grade: 88 (Very Effective)

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