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Extenze Reviews

Grade: F

Extenze brands itself as a powerful blood flow stimulator that is able to increase the intensity and volume of blood flow to the penis, thereby increasing its size. Unfortunately, this is not true. This product does nothing to increase the size of the penis.
In addition, consumers have made numerous complaints to the Better Business Bureau regarding false advertising and an ineffective product. Not only that, but the company was sued for $300,000 for false advertising, effectively defeating this product’s reputation as a real male enhancement product.

Extenze is Simply an Infomercial Product that Fails to Deliver Results

There are a plethora of false promises surrounding this product, from larger and fuller penis, increased sex-drive, better sex, and a number of other sexual health benefits.
These are the claims that set up the beginning of the false advertising court case that cost them $300,000 in fines to be paid to the class-action plaintiffs. In addition to these false claims made by Extenze, there have been reports of consumers being billed well in advance of their product orders for extra products and magazine subscriptions, sometimes running hundreds of dollars.
Not only that, but the consumers who actually did order Extenze reported many negative and life-threatening side effects like high blood-pressure, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, serious fatigue, and even heart-related issues. All of these issues were directly connected to regularly taking Extenze.

Mass-Production and False Results

Extenze has recently undergone action to mass-produce this product to get it in as many cheap convenience stores and pharmacies as possible to increase revenue.
This mass-production method of producing Extenze has massively decreased its quality, and due to the origin of production, the safety of this product is now in even more question. We simply cannot stress enough how dangerous this product could be if taken regularly due to its lack of care of production and safety.
Users have reported serious side effects after using Extenze for a month or longer, leading to hospitalizations and various doctor visits to ensure a proper well-being. These hospitalizations and doctor visits have cost consumers thousands of dollars, and it’s because of the irresponsibility of Extenze.


Claims: Extenze claims to increase the hardness and size of your erections, thereby increasing the quality of your sex life.
Reality: Extenze does not work, nor will consumers see any real results after regularly using this product. In addition, due to the lack of compassion by Extenze, this product may endanger your health.
Grade: F
We recommend that consumers stay far away from Extenze. Due to its previous attempts at pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes to get a shoddy product onto the shelves, as well as false advertising and false results to try to trick people into buying more Extenze, it’s an easy decision to ignore this product.
In addition, the safety of the product and mass-production methods used by the corporation are not endorsed by any third-party inspection organizations, which is suspect. Taking this product regularly, as recommended by Extenze, could put your life and health in jeopardy.
Men are always looking for ways to increase their penis size and sexual health, but taking a dangerous product is not worth the risk.

What We Recommend

We recommend that men use an all-natural and 100% safe male enhancement product called Formula 41 Extreme. Not only have users reported no bad side effects, but they’ve also reported 400% improvements to their sex-drive, libido, penis size, and sexual stamina. It’s not uncommon to see penis increases of 3-4 inches after only 3-6 weeks of using Formula 41 Extreme.



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