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Extenze Reviews

Grade: F (Severe Risk)

Enzyte is an all-natural male enhancement product for increasing penis length, performance and stamina; Provided the advertisers of Enzyte are truthful about their product.
At first glance, Enzyte appears to be the ultimate trifecta of all male enhancement products. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Enzyte has sold over 10 million boxes worldwide.
Yet is Enzyte really a trusted product guaranteed to produce results?


Enzyte is marketed as an all-natural male enhancement product guaranteed to increase penis length and circumference. The list of ingredients for Enzyte appear to support their claim of being a natural supplement. Enzyte contains ginkgo biloba, horny goat weed extract, Korean ginseng, tribulus Terrestris extract and L-arginine. Ginkgo biloba and Korean ginseng both contain natural elements known for aiding erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. Korean ginseng is an effective ingredient proven to increase the nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric oxide is an important molecule responsible for maintaining healthy blood flow throughout your body.
Enzyte gives the appearance of being a natural and effective male enhancement supplement. Yet, that is the most positive statement our research team could generate about this product. Our study found Enzyte contained numerous discrepancies and associated with numerous dangerous side effects. The first major discrepancy is the key ingredients are not effective for increasing penis length and circumference. Ginkgo biloba, korean ginseng and nitric oxide are herbal ingredients proven to help increase libido and sexual satisfaction. Enzyte claims their product has the ability to increase penis length and circumference. Yes, an increased libido does have the potential to strengthen the quality of erections. Yet, the claims made by Enzyte do not withstand scientific examination. Enzyte contains no ingredients tested and proven to permanently increase penis length or circumference.

The Bottom Line

Enzyte is unable to produce a fuller and longer erection. However, Enzyte does contain several ingredients associated with improved libido and strength. Our study also tested the potential of using Enzyte for increased libido and ignoring the false claims about penis enlargement. Extensive testing found Enzyte used bee pollen in their formula. Bee pollen is dangerous for people with allergies, diabetes and heart disease. We would strongly recommend you avoid this ineffective and dangerous product.

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