EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Review: Is it a hoax?

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Investigation

One of the primary concerns nowadays is shielding the skin from harmful sun rays.

This form of damage causes odd patches of discoloration; signs of premature aging; and elevated sun exposure linked cancer risks. Individuals who work or play for long hours in the sun require amplified protection.The EltaMD manufacturer asserts that its design is the most powerful protection on the market for this important job. The company says the product is created without using any harsh properties.They say instead it is manufactured with components which foster the health of skin.This is an immense declaration when considering that their products may only be bought through physicians designated by the them. This is an analysis to weigh these assertions against scientific facts.

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Properties and Actions

Skin care product

Octisalateis commonly found in sun care formulas, but has also been proven to be toxic in certain cases. Anyone who is on dialysis treatments should not use this chemical.

Vitamin E hydrates and creates a barrier to protect against moisture loss of skin cells. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which slows damage from the sun.

Zinc Oxide is white powder which is often added to skin care products including those for diaper rash. It is also included in the production of merchandise such as paints, plastic, rubber, cement, and adhesives. Zinc Oxide is used in skin products to protect against sunlight.

One of the currently controversial chemicals on the market is octinoxate. It is still used as an ingredient of effective sun screen, but only in limited areas. This is because while it I legal in the United States, it has been banned in other countries. This ban is based upon a study that showed a large amount of evidence that octinoxate is an endocrine disrupter.

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Instructions

Consumers are directed to use this protection every two hours. When swimming,they should apply it every 80 minutes.

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Assets and Deficits

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Properties

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Assets

The Zinc Oxide is transparent in this formula.

It is non-comedogenic as well as fragrance and paraben free.

Each product has a fact sheet on the company website.

Every formula has a safety data sheet on the manufacturer’s webpage.

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Deficits

This product requires a prescription and has no return policy.

The manufacturer provides a long list of unauthorized dealers which includes amazon.

This formula can only be obtained via a physician.

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Storefront

This product must be purchased through a medical facility. The company provides a zip code search tool to find a dealer which is local.

EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Last Vote

This formula contains properties which can cause adverse reactions. It also seems that it is likely to be very expensive considering it may only be purchased through medical facilities.