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Elevate Your Testosterone Levels By Dealing With Anxiety And Stress

by Healthy Mens Info Staff
Elevate Your Testosterone Levels By Dealing With Anxiety And Stress

Stress has become a part of life and as much as 77% of all people in the United States experience symptoms of stress on a frequent basis. Individuals can experience both physical and psychological symptoms due to stress, and as much as 33% of individuals experience severe symptoms related to stress, which reduces their mental performance and causes a decline in productivity.

The American Institute Of Stress explains that as much as 44% of American adults report that they feel significantly more stress now than they did just five years ago. Work-related stress and anxiety is also a major contributor to strokes, heart disease and “extreme” levels of stress. When a person’s stress levels become “extreme,” they often experience symptoms such as heart palpitations, depression and shaking. Men are also prone to experience symptoms that are related to erectile dysfunction and a low libido when they have too much stress.

The Link Between Stress And Low Testosterone Levels

Elevate Your Testosterone Levels By Dealing With Anxiety And StressWith a rise in stress levels, an increase in the prevalence of low testosterone levels among men have also been noticed. There is also a strong link between the symptoms related to each of these conditions. For example, both low testosterone and chronic stress can cause a man to feel depressed and experience fatigue regularly. The two conditions can also cause problems with the man’s mental health and heart health, which is another connection they share that has an adverse effect on the quality of life a person is leading.

When a person is under a lot of stress, their body produces a larger volume of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that helps the person deal with their stress levels. Unfortunately, high levels of cortisol have also been linked to a reduction in the production of testosterone, the primary sex hormone that contributes to better sexual function in men.

Overcoming Stress Levels To Improve Testosterone And Sexual Function

Since too much stress has been linked to low testosterone, it is only natural to consider a reduction in stress to have a positive impact on testosterone production. Thus, men who feel that their sex drive and their performance in bed have been dampened by their stress should try to deal with the problems that are causing their stress levels to elevate so much. By dealing with these “sources,” the body will produce less cortisol, the man will be able to experience relief of the symptoms related to high-stress levels, and his sexual function may improve (as well as his testosterone levels).

Here are just a few tips that can help men overcome stress and anxiety, and experience an increase in testosterone levels and sexual function:

Sleep helps the body consolidate memories.

It also allows the mind and body to rest, which is crucial for the next day’s activities. Stress can actually have a negative impact on sleep as well, but seeing a doctor about ways to improve your sleeping patterns may yield positive results and help you deal with stress in a better way.

Physical exercise is not only good for developing muscles and losing weight but is also great for boosting mental power.

In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that regular physical activity, which includes both aerobic and strength training protocols, can help to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Your diet may also have an impact on your stress levels, just as how stress might make you eat unhealthier foods.

If you find that stress is affecting your sex life, then you need to take a look at your diet. Try to avoid eating unhealthy foods, such as French fries, pizza, and foods that are high in trans fats. Rather include more avocados, almonds, spinach, salmon and asparagus in your diet – all of which are foods that fight against stress, depression, and anxiety.

Have more sex.

Elevate Your Testosterone Levels By Dealing With Anxiety And StressThis may seem like a different recommendation, but it is still an effective way to reduce stress and boost testosterone. Female First reports that several medical trials and scientific studies have already produced evidence that sex is an effective method for reducing stress. Try to plan a romantic evening every now and then, which may lead to a steamy session of sexual intercourse. In turn, it may reduce your stress levels, which will help you perform better the next night.


Several studies have linked stress and anxiety to reduce testosterone production, which can negatively impact a man’s sex life and his ability to please his partner. While testosterone boosters may be a way to stimulate the production of this hormone, it is important to consider the sources that are causing the issue in the first place. By targeting and dealing with the primary sources, a man is able to experience lower stress levels, an increase in testosterone scores and better sexual function.

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