Dreambrands MDrive Review – Should you use it? 

Dreambrands MDrive Testosterone Support Supplement

At HealthyMensInfo, we have reviewed several supplements that claim to work as both male enhancement and muscle-building supplement. Based on our experience with supplements, we’re inclined to believe that this could actually work, since male enhancement and muscle-building supplements frequently cross over when it comes to the ingredients used. One of the supplements that claim to have both male enhancement and muscle-building properties is Dreambrands’ MDrive.

Dreambrands MDrive is a testosterone and nitric oxide booster that claims to improve strength, stamina, and male sexual health. We all know for a fact that an increased level of free testosterone can increase muscle mass, but only a few natural ingredients are capable of increasing the body’s free testosterone levels. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Mdrive to see if it matches up with the best muscle-building supplements today.


Mdrive contains Agmatine Sulfate, a nitric oxide booster that dilates blood vessels. Unlike other nitric oxide boosters that stack seamlessly with other muscle-building supplements, Agmatine Sulfate does not go well with L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, D-Aspartic Acid, and Creatine. If you are taking any supplements that contain any of those 4 ingredients, then you should stay away from supplements that contain Agmatine Sulfate, such as Mdrive.


We measured Mdrive against the best testosterone boosters in the market to figure out if it’s the real deal.

The main ingredient of MDrive is Ashwagandha, an herb used for centuries in Ayurveda, but recent studies are still inconclusive whether Ashwagandha is capable of increasing the body’s natural testosterone levels. However, Mdrive contains Tongkat Ali, an ingredient known for increasing the body’s free testosterone. It is also used in the best muscle building supplements like Xtreme Testosterone, and the best Male Enhancement Supplements like Formula 41 Extreme. Mdrive also contains Cordyceps Sinensis for added testosterone boost, and Maca Root for hormone balance.

The deal-breakers in the composition of Mdrive is the addition of Agmatine Sulfate and the absence of Zinc. Agmatine Sulfate does not go well with a lot of other ingredients which are standard for bodybuilding, including Creatine, while Zinc is the most important mineral for increasing testosterone production.


I may be wrong, but I assumed everyone who are taking testosterone boosters are aware that Zinc is extremely important for testosterone production. The absence of this basic ingredient makes me believe that the people behind Mdrive did not do their homework – something that can be easily learned by browsing a few pages on Google.

Most people who buy into the idea of muscle-building supplement and male enhancement combo are thinking that they have a great bargain with the supplement. In fact, it’s the function of testosterone and nitric oxide boosters that affect both male sexual health and muscle development. The best muscle-building supplements like Xtreme Testosterone can also produce male enhancement benefits, but they don’t go into detail about that, simply because an increase in testosterone already implies better sexual function.

If you’re looking for the real deal, check out Xtreme Testosterone. You won’t be disappointed.