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Don’t Be the Fat Guy at Work: Fix it! 

by healthymensinfo
Don't Be the Fat Guy at Work: Fix it!

Being the fat guy at work is something that you don’t want. The fat guy is always the one that gets picked on, gets the promotions last, and doesn’t even get looked at by the attractive ladies in the office.

You go to work every day with not an ounce of confidence, while you see the guys who are in shape going out often with girls, hitting the bars, having fun, and genuinely looking care free around the cubicle while you..well.. don’t.

This isn’t your fault, but you’ve let yourself go over the years. You started eating a bunch of crap that isn’t good for you, getting super lazy, and didn’t even think about working out.

Well, if you don’t want to be the fat guy at work anymore who gets jokes aimed right at him, you need to fix the situation fast. Here’s how:

Get Your Ass in the Gym as Fast as You Can

They don’t make gyms because they’re pretty or fun to go to, they make them so people have access to machines that will allow them to burn calories and build muscle.

You know what you’re going to do, right? Yep, you’re going to burn calories and burn that fat off.

But while you’re burning fat off, why not build muscle at the same time? You can lose fat and get a sexy and sleek body at the same time.

The perfect ratio for working out is:

30 minutes of cardio at the end

30 minutes of lifting weights in the beginning

That’s it. Plus, lifting weights allows you to burn calories after the gym due to repairing of the muscles.

Do back and biceps one day, chest and triceps the next day, and then use your imagination. There are tons of workout routines. Google them!

Stop Eating Fast-Food, You Lazy Prick!

When you work at an office, it’s pretty easy to get lazy and just run down the street for a burger, fries, and soda. But this is the kind of thing you’re trying to avoid.

This quick and easy meal is higher in sugar, high in sodium, super high in calories, and has too much bad fat. In addition, it’ll clog up your colon and give you cancer. There ain’t any veggies in that food!

Start bringing your own lunch to work, and you’ll love it. Besides, it tastes better and is cheaper anyway.


If you’re ready to be slim and awesome, this is how. Don’t wait. Get started NOW!

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