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Does Xenadrine Have Deadly Ephedrine In It Still?

by healthymensinfo
Does Xenadrine Have Deadly Ephedrine In It Still?

Xenadrine is a notorious offender of containing the deadly caffeine-ephedra combination that the FDA has long banned now. Back in 1998 two young Candians were killed in a car accident involving the weight loss drug that had allegedly facilitated the vehicular manslaughter. In 2003 Baltimore Orioles’ pitcher Steve Bechler died from heat stroke after taking too much Xenadrine. Xenadrine use to rely on a combination of caffeine, ephedrine and Asprin. Ephedrine is an effective weight loss tool but can have deadly side effects involving heart complications.

TO get things straight, Xenadrine was never banned, only the ingredient Ephedrine was banned by the Food and Drug Administration back in 2005. So if you ever see Ephedrine as an ingredient in any supplement you should contact the FDA as it is illegal.

Current Ingredients IN Xenadrine:

Weight loss supplement

Caffeine – this acts as a diuretic and boosts the metabolism to help users lose weight

Lady’s Mantle– can cause damage on the liver and increases chances of developing jaundice upon liver complications

Para-Amino Benzoic Acid- can cause a rash or vitiligo it is an ingredient in sunscreen and can be found where there is a B-complex. There is a recommended daily dose that should not be exceeded, unfortunately we do not know how much is in Xenadrine

Phytosterols–  cause diarrhea and nausea

What does the company claim that Xenadrine does to help users lose weight?

Xenadrine claims to give users energizing and impressive results. They say the pill is thermogenic and a rapid-release formula that allows you to get same day results. They chalk it up to green coffee extract as their secret ingredient for weight loss success. The company doesn’t describe much of the science behind it, they just use the word science over and over and employ vague terminology like thermo, fat melting, and more.

They recommend you drink 10 glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration and advise against taking it 5 hours before bedtime.

What Users are Saying

Mental illness

“The main weight loss ingredient is caffeine, and there is a lot in it. I took it for 4 days and stopped because of how much caffeine there was in it. From the 4 pills alone you can expect around 500mg.”

“I’m thinking that this company gets their employees to write the reviews. I took it for over a month with absolutely no results.”

“This is great if you need a bit of an energy boost for your workout. It’s really nothing more than that. Just a caffeine pill. Don’t get tricked into thinking this will work the same way the old Xenadrine did. This does not contain ephedrine, which was the main reason weight loss was possible in the old formula. This is just 3 espresso shots in pill form.”

“Not for me. It made me feel anxious. I felt crazy all and frazzled all day, and i only took one pill a day. I guess it might work for some, but for me it made my heart race and i dont like that feeling. Granted it did give me energy, but i wont be trying again.”

Still Uncertain…

We are still all confused and uncertain about what is inside Xenadrine. Even if it does show weight loss results, what kind of weight loss supplement Russian Roulette is this? The formula has changed so many times withstanding lawsuits and responsible for deaths, the FDA has tried to crack down on the manufactuers of Xenadrine, but they seem to continue to hide dangerous ingredients in their products. They do have very

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