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Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Is it Effective?

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Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Is it Effective?

Damiana Leaf Extract Summary

Damiana Leaf extract is a commonly used component on today’s supplement market. It is sold as a solution which provides actions that support many systems of health. It is touted as fostering the reproductive system health; lessening erectile dysfunction; and improving testosterone manufacture.Companies claim that Damiana works to boost mood; support the nervous system; enhance digestion. It can be bought as an individual supplement or in a wide selection of products for various health goals.This plant is retailed across the globe in retail stores and across the internet on numerous websites. This is an investigation into these assertions to review the truth. The clinical research follows should help shed a bit of light on these claims.

Damiana Leaf Extract Origin and Aliases

Boost moodThis extract is derivativeof a shrub which is indigenous to Mexico; the Central and South America; the Caribbean; and southwest regions of the United States. In times past, the Mayan peoples prepared itto enhance sexual desire and adjust loss of balance. Damiana was first offered in the U.S. marketplace sometime in the latter part of the 1800s. It was marketed for the enhancement of urinary tract health and for reproductive health.

In 1888, Damiana went into the pages of the National Formulary, but was never placed in the U.S. Pharmacopeia. A few examples of the labels that it picked up along the way include Turnerae diffusae herba;Turnera microphyllia; Aphrodisiaca; Feuille de Damiana; Feuille de Damiane; Herba de la Pastora; Mizibcoc; Old Woman’s Broom; Oreganillo; Rosemary; Thé Bourrique; Turnera diffusa; and Turnerae Diffusae Folium.

Damiana Leaf Extract Activity

The properties of this leaf has been validated as a valuable remedy for a variety of sexual dysfunction conditions. Researchers also noted that it shortens the required time guys need between intercourse sessions and can improve the ability to achieve an orgasm in both genders.

The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia list compounds from Damiana as being helpful for forms of depression and anxiousness correlating with impudence. It is also listed as digestion regulator. It may diminish incidences of specific forms of constipation and nausea.

This data motivated scientists to conduct many more global trials. These findings revealed that Damiana compounds functioned to lessen most all kinds of nausea and anxiety. Atitillating fact is this plant is commonly combined with herbal hookah blends. It is said to create effects akin to that which cannabinoids produce. This data also says that results are not as strong. Breathing smoke from anything can be carcinogenic; however, research exploring these effects continue.

Damiana Leaf Extract Pros and Cons

Damiana Leaf Extract Activity

Damiana Leaf Extract Pros

This botanical compound is not difficult to find.

There is accessible scientific date for the functions of this herb.

This product is sold at a good price.

Damiana Leaf Extract Cons

Damiana’s effects require more research.

Individuals who are pregnant or nursing should exercise caution when taking this plant.

Damiana Leaf Extract Shop Tips

Customers must research the business’s reputation.

Consumers should never buy anything without a refund policy.

Damiana Leaf Extract Conclusion

Damiana is has scientific validation as a solution for many diseases.

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